Villa Park Punk Night XVII

Another Villa Park Punk Night at O’Neill’s Pub in Lombard, IL on June 29th! Full lineup of good bands and a fellow punk’s Birthday… Skidd Fleischer‘s Bday. Buy her a drink, buy me a drink. Let’s party!


Solution Unsatisfactory

A high-speed Chicago style 3-piece fueled by a passion for in-your-face rock and a disgust for the modern order.
The group, at large, is considered to be armed and dangerous, with catchey punk riffs and unrelenting social and political lyrics, and are described as loud and with a bad attitude. Fronted by Garvey’s satirical commentary and shredding guitar, backed by Jay’s insanely fast melodic bass walks and Pat’s explosive assault on the drums, it’s music you can revolt to.

Rhetoric Vendetta

A punk/pop punk band out of the southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois area influenced by a few different styles of music, but like to play an upbeat and energetic style of rock and roll.

40oz. Sidekicks

40oz. Sidekicks are a Hardcore power-punk band from Chicago, Illinois.
Formed in 2004, they have since recorded 2 EP’s that became their first full length album, “Preservation of Tradition”. They play punk music with hints of reggae, ska and blues.
Their latest E.P. “Glory” is available to download on iTunes and stream on Spotify!

Shanghai Theater (Nashville, TN)

Punk band from Nashville, TN. Formed, as a four-piece in the spring of 2018, Shanghai Theater quickly transitioned to a three-piece act and played relentlessly the coming summer. The band moved back to a four-piece formation after their bassist/singer suffered a serious stage injury to his wrist. 

The band has been described as “Surf-N-Turf” due to their blend of west coast surf and mid-west noise.

Dead Freddie

Dead Freddie is a Chicago-area band. They are known as the Punk Pop Phenomena, playing original music based in early punk and power pop.

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