TWO FREE SHOWS! Trash Knife with WAD, Salvation, Peekaboos & Heavy Medz in Chicago

free shows chicago

Two FREE Shows in Chicago tonight (May 22) people! Should be pretty titties with some quality bands. Trash Knife from Philly with be playing both and so will Chicago’s finest, SALVATION, with midwest hardcore group MACE at Logan Arcade. After that show, when you haven’t had enough, you can get to East Room where Trash Knife and Salvation will be joining WAD and HEAVY MEDZ, but you can see all of that on the flyer up top. But what you can’t see is that is THE PEEKABOOs just hopped on the Logan Hardware bill last minute. So many bands to see… so many games to play, like that weird ass japanese table flipping game or KILLER QUEEN! Or you can not go to either show and stare at your computer while playing Bio Menace which I left down for you below.

Free Shows Chicago! RSVP to Trash Knife (Philly) with WAD, Salvation, Peekaboos & Heavy Medz

MACE – Tour Tape
SALVATION – Sore Loser
TRASH KNIFE – 2 from upcoming ST 7″
HEAVY MEDZ – Demo Recordings
THE PEEKABOOS – Help Stop Decay