Rock n’ Roll Puerto Rico Benefit for Orphanage

Tis the time of giving! So help support La Casa de Todos Orphanage in Juncos, Puerto Rico by coming out to a sweet rock n’ roll show this Black Wednesday at Liar’s Club. All The proceeds from the Puerto Rico benefit show are donated to the cause! So let’s save the orphanage with some rock and roll!

Jeremy Scheuch, one of the organizers of this benefit, speaking about the sad state of La Casa de Todos Orphanage:

“Just left an orphanage in Juncos, Puerto Rico and the kids kept jumping in our arms and giving us hugs thinking we were there to potentially adopt them. These are kids that have been removed from their homes because of bad situations. They are running out of money and in danger of closing. Without cash to pay employees they will close. Just to stay open, they had to sell a generator . The government owes them money, but all that has been delayed. Five employees lost their entire homes. They need money. They need serious construction. Part of their roof is gone and they have no electricity or water. The garbage hasn’t been picked up in over two weeks. This one was really tough to see. Please donate: 

Seems like, you can also send checks directly to: La Casa de Todos, Inc. Programa de Donativos HC 23 Box 6128 Juncos, PR 00777-9710″

Also, some fun bands are playing this benefit to save the orphanage too!  White Mystery, VietRahm, and Guerilla, while all chicago natives, will be there. So check out some of their latest music below. Either that or just come to the show dawg.

White Mystery



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