Pretty Damn Cool New Music Videos

Oh boy, so many great new music videos popping up. Illiterate Light’s “Better Than I Used To”, Howling Giant’s “Cybermancer and The Doomsday Express”; just wish I could share them all… Please feel free to share all your new music videos with We Are The Television! Here’s a few of our favorites lately:


Illiterate Light – “Better Than I Used To”

Illiterate Light is blowing up! They just released their debut album on Atlantic Records, have been putting out beautiful music videos for a bunch of songs of it, and just played Lollapalooza. It might seem like they’re popping up out of nowhere, but they have been trucking hard in the DIY touring scene for quite some time now… playing dives and bars all over the U.S. before they had any help from a label. Proves hard work pays off!


Howling Giant – “Cybermancer and the Doomsday Express”

Howling Giant are wizards and knights of their craft. Spinning tales of glory through ripping majestic Psych Rock. Watching them live is a wonder. You can see the magic oozing off their musical weapons of choice. These bards of the new age have been on the up and up and I know we’ll continue to see more great things from them!



Red Francis never fail to blow our minds with their wild music videos. We know they like to party and have more fun than you. Try it out. I heard they were right there with Artie Lange snorting glass except they weren’t pussies about it. The band is currently working on a new album… bigger and better than anything you can imagine.

Sincere Engineer “Dragged Across The Finish Line”

Deanna Belos of Sincere Engineer is the most modest titan in punk rock right now. Making big waves with her first album, getting signed to Red Scare, playing Riot Fest and sharing the stage with some huge acts like Against Me!, The Hold Steady, & Heart Attack Man so early on as a band. The band just made a delicious beer collaboration with Pollyanna called “Fun Dipping”, a Fun Dip inspired sour beer with Cherry Yum-Diddly, Razzapple Magic, Grape Yumptious, and Lactose in a fruity, tart, and sweet beer.


The Cordial Sins – “Cruel”


Lovergurl – “David Baby”

Lollygagger – “Might Methuselah’s Salami”


The Mizzerables – “Whatever… This Sucks”