Post Child – “Wax Wings” Album Release

Post Child - "Wax Wings" Album Release

Post Child is a Chicago nu-grunge / fuzz pop band with hooks for days! Not too long ago, the band put out a music video for “Getting Closer” that will have you second guessing if they were one of the great 90s bands that you just found out about now. Nah.. this is new shit that’s just reminiscent of the good times, but no doubt a part of today’s music scene in Chicago. Watch “Getting Closer” below, the music video sets a good tone for the rest of the album.

Post Child – Getting Closer

Their album release party for ‘Wax Wings’ is Thursday Jan. 26th 2017 at Emporium Wicker Park. They’ll be playing with Closed Mouths and Sonny Falls. RSVP to the POST CHILD Album Release at Emporium (Wicker Park) and get a FREE drink or tokens if you sign up at Emporium’s site!

POST CHILD Album Release at Emporium (Wicker Park)

‘Wax Wings’ was recorded and mixed by Joe Gac (Meat Wave, Elephant Gun, The Brokedowns) out of Kildare studios. It’s Post Child’s second full length album that is being released through In The Lake Records and it’s tight! Truly well produced songs from front to back… infinitely more polished than most of the lo-fi garbage I’m used to today. I enjoyed the crap out of it, and I think you will too. Take a listen to ‘Wax Wings’ right here:

Post Child – Wax Wings

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