Peach Pit in Chicago at Subterranean – 10.16.17

Peach Pit in Chicago October 16th!

Peach Pit in Chicago Oct. 16th, 2017

The chewed up bubble gum pop group out of Vancouver, Canada will be gracing our presence at Subterranean this lovely Monday night and sharing the stage Red FrancisJonnycatland.

If you’ve never heard of Peach Pit, there are so many great videos and tunes for you to dig in to. Check them out below!


RSVP to Peach Pit with Red Francis & Jonnycatland at Subterranean now and show up early cause it starts right at 7PM – all ages too!

Peach Pit – Being So Normal

Peach Pit was brought to life in 2016 with the release of their now coveted debut EP, “Sweet F.A” (F.A. meaning “fuck all”, after lead singer Neil Smith’s love for the lazy life). Originating in Vancouver, Canada, the group formed when high school pals, Smith and Chris Vanderkooy, decided to collaborate on a musical project. Peter Wilton and Mikey Pascuzzi joined them on bass and drums creating their “chewed bubblegum pop” sound.

The group melds teenage angst with bummer summer vibes that have them sounding somewhere between Mac Demarco and Homeshake. With their laid back sound and lush lead vocals, their songs tell stories of backstabbing best friends and dying end of summer romances.

The group quickly developed a dedicated local fan base through their energetic live shows. In February 2017, a YouTube channel sent their self-titled track, “Peach Pit” viral after discovering it on their Bandcamp. The group quickly started to amass an international following and booking requests to play worldwide.

Peach Pit’s quirky online posts and campy Ned Flanders-esque uniforms have ignited a highly engaged fanbase. They’re now gearing up to release their debut LP, “Being So Normal”, on legendary indie record label Kingfisher Bluez in September 2017, after which they’ll hit the road, touring the U.S. and Canada including a Bumbershoot festival date, with a European tour in early 2018.

Peach Pit has quickly become the next big indie act to watch out for in the Pacific Northwest.

“Peach Pit display a knack for distilling ennui, angst, and disappointment into wistful, melodic indie pop” ~The Georgia Straight

“A delectably smooth brand of indie pop complete with hushed vocals and Steely Dan-indebted guitar runs.” ~Exclaim!

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