Scuzz /Long Live The GOAT /Oxbraker /Old Hand @Sinkhole

Hey St. Louis! The GOAT’s coming for ya! Check out some good metal and rock n roll on Feb. 9th at the Sinkhole with SCUZZ, Long Live The GOAT, OxBraker, & Old Hand.

Scuzz / Long Live The GOAT / Oxbraker / Old Hand




Oxbraker –

Old Hand –

730pm – doors
8pm – show
All Ages


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Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser

Barren Heir, Long Live The GOAT, Ikaray, & Cloud Cruiser are coming to the Burly early February!

Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser



Chicago’s Barren Heir emerged in 2015 with their debut album Tired Turns. They holster heaviness, ambiance and sludginess to provide a unique post-metal experience.

Their latest release is a split with Cokegoat! Check it out:


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away lived a couple of dudes… Long Live The GOAT released their first music video, Drag, along with their debut EP, A Greeting From The Dark King in late October of 2015. These songs were debuted on a few Chicago radio stations including 93WXRT and 101WKQX. In February of 2016, the boys hit the road on the Southbeast Tour. Long Live The GOAT shared the stage with many great bands including All Them Witches, Telekinetic Yeti, & Howling Giant. In September of 2016 they put out their second EP, Melt. Immediately after, Long Live The GOAT left for tour again going through Canada and the top half of North America.


Ikaray is a four-piece post metal band from Chicago, IL. Their music embodies feelings of misery and political dissatisfaction, while delivering atmospheric melodies and crushing tones. Ikaray released their self-titled EP in 2016, and is set to record their full length record in January, 2019.


Cloud Cruiser is a concept based Desert Rock band from Chicago, IL. Our first installment is titled “I: Capacity” We follow the story of a young man on a quest for flight. Only for a brief time he is illuminated. Returned unfit, he is only a piece of the puzzle that unfolds. The journey is boundless.

This is Cloud Cruiser’s first show! One of their band members, Tim Ramirez’s bday weekend and he’s 33?!  Dayuuuum! Jam Cloud Cruiser’s single “Glow” below:

RSVP to Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser @ The Burlington on 2.8.19!


Killmister / No Dead Heroes / Guerilla

Killmister is Chicago’s #1 tribute band to the legendary Lemmy. Featuring songs from Motörhead, Headcat and even Hawkwind. All the good stuff! They’ll be at Liar’s Club on Friday January 18th with some local favs – No Dead Heroes & Guerilla!

Lemmy Killmister

Lemmy Kilmister was taken from from this world too soon, but that raging heavy music he and the rest of Motörhead gave us will forever live on!

Check out the tunes from No Dead Heroes & Guerilla below so you can rage along with the rest of us:

No Dead Heroes



RSVP TO Killmister / No Dead Heroes / Guerilla @ Liar’s Club!


Krampus Shit Show 2

The Krampus Shit Show round 2 is approaching! Last year’s Xmas Shit Show was a blast… I have no doubt this year will be even better.

Krampus Shit Show 2

Come celebrate the holidays by sacrificing your ears and livers for the true daddy of Xmas – Krampus. Loud music provided by Black Bear RodeoCriminal Kids, and Guerilla (band) at Demma’s in Oak Lawn on December 22nd.


$2 Old Style & Bud Light drafts (downstairs)

$2 apple pie & skittle shots

$7 entry to the basement where the Krampus shenanigans will be taking place.

Black Bear Rodeo

These dudes are the party boys supreme. Still putting the best shows together during the holidays. Tis the season for pleasing!

Criminal Kids

Southside Chicago punks with nasty riffs and an attitude problem. If one of the guys look familiar its cus you saw hime in the video above too… Anthony, talented drummer and a sweet sweet mother tucker, plays in Criminal Kids & Black Bear Rodeo. This may be his last show as an unmarried man, so give a congratulations to that beautiful boy and his amazing wife to be.


Guerilla 2018

Look at this suave pack of men… Hang on to your lovers cus Guerilla is comin in HOT! Take a listen to their latest album DUMB. It’s some good shit.

RSVP to Krampus X-mas Show!

Chicago Punk Rock @ The Burlington!

Chicago punk rock at the Burlington Nov. 29th! Four loud and fast locals – The Jeffreys, 40oz. Sidekicks, The Damn Tracks, & Bone Stomper.

Chicago Punk Rock


The Jeffreys

Solid sound. So I hear some of these dudes use to play in 40oz?


40oz. Sidekicks

Seems like even another lineup change since their last show! What a mess… we love it. Drink up and rock fast.


The Damn Tracks

Whiskey fueled ol’ boys playing the good stuff.


Bone Stomper

“fuck nazi’s..”

RSVP to The Jeffreys / 40 Oz. Sidekicks / The Damn Tracks / Bone Stomper @ The Burlington

Chicago Punk Rock

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Forming The Void, Howling Giant, & Long Live The GOAT @ Liar’s Chicago

Howling Giant & Forming The Void are on the road, far from home and fixing to rage. Still high from Pyscho Las Vegas, still buzzin from Descendants of Crom… lets keep the party rolling! This big banger is for all fans of heavy riffs and doom.

Long Live the GOAT / Howling Giant / Forming the Void at Liar's

Long Live the GOAT (Chi)

Howling Giant (Nashville, TN)

Forming the Void (Lafayette, LA)

RSVP FOR Long Live the GOAT / Howling Giant / Forming the Void at Liar’s


A show full of road warriors is bound to impress. All these guys are  kings of the road and seasoned in the DIY tour lifestyle. Brushing their teeth in the bathrooms of Wendy’s or some other cheap fast food joint and spending their nights sleeping in the van (or hearse… if you’re in Howling Giant). The good ol’ rock star lifestyle ain’t for everyone, but damn it’s fun as hell.

Forming the Void & Howling Giant were part of the Psycho Las Vegas lineup this year. What a kickass bill that was – High on Fire, Red Fang, CKY, Zakk Sabbath, Pallbearer, Dopethrone, Monolord, Mutoid Man…. and the list goes on and on. The fest keeps getting bigger and better every year! So good that it seems to have outgrown it’s venue at Hard Rock Hotel and will be moving on to a venue on the strip next year.

A few days ago was Descendants Of Crom in Pittsburgh, PA. Another killer lineup / doom metal fest that these bands shared the stage on. This massive metal brainchild is the work of Shy Kennedy, the front woman of Horehound. This year’s fest had one more full day stacked with bands from around the country. Forming The Foid and Howling Giant teamed up to tour the midwest together on their way back home from the Pittsburgh festival. Their Chicago show is at Liar’s Club with their buds, Long Live The GOAT. The GOAT haven’t played with Howling Giant since 2016 in Nashville. This is gonna be a fun one!

Forming The Void

Based out of Lafayette, LA. Forming The Void’s “Rift” was rated #1 on the August Doom Charts. It is one hell of an album! Take a listen for yourself and checkout their music video for “Arrival” below.

Howling Giant

Based out of Nashville, TN. Howling Giant slay in all aspects of the game! Their skills are unmatched and their song writing is whimsical… like the climax of a Dungeons and Dragons game you’ve been playing for years (and you’re up against a horde of beholders and the lich king). Do yourself a favor and listen to all their albums. “Earth Wizard” is one of my personal favorite songs of their’s.


Long Live The GOAT

Based out of Chicagoland, IL. Long Live The GOAT grew up there, but prefer the home of their big red van. Get a feel for their heavy swagger in their music video for “Drag” below. They seem to put out a 2-tracker every year. They’re about due for another one, so keep an eye on them!

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PEARS in Chicago w/ Still Alive, The Eradicator & Salvation

PEARS in Chicago tonight! PEARS is going to blow the roof off of Beat Kitchen on October 2! The boys in PEARS will be joined by Still AliveThe Eradicator, and Salvation.

PEARS in Chicago
PEARS in Chicago

PEARS in Chicago

Tickets are on sale now!

The Eradicator


If you are in Chicago, and haven’t seem Salvation then what the fuck have you been doing. You are missing out though. Salvation creates the perfect mold of genre where rock and roll meets heavy punk meets yeah baby meets I don’t know, see it for yourself.

20 Watt Tombstone, Long Live The GOAT, High Gallows & Magnetic Minds @ Puddler’s Hall

20 Watt Tombstone, Long Live The GOAT, High Gallows, & Magnetic Minds… blues, metal, stoner rock. This is going to be a great night.

20 Watt Tombstone, Long Live The GOAT,

This is a FREE SHOW with riff heavy midwest bands at Puddler’s Hall in Milwaukee September 28th! Too awesome to miss out on. Check out these bands:

20 Watt Tombstone

20 Watt Tombstone
Photo credit: 📷 Quinn Curren.

IF THE White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Left Lane Cruiser had an illegitimate love child with Lemmy while Hunter S. Thompson documented the whole torrid thing…you might get 20 Watt Tombstone.

Since the bands formation in 2012, the Wisconsin Duo has been receiving an unreal amount of attention. Their brand of brash un-tethered alt. blues rock mixed with country, metal and punk blends into a sometimes comedic monster that cannot be easily pinned down, and at times seems so over the top it cant be serious.

20 Watt Tombstone will be playing in our neck of the woods Oct. 12th at Soundgrowler Brewing followed by a shit ton of shows on their 4 Way on the Highway Tour. Give them a like to stay updated on all 20 Watt news and watch their music video for “Your Man’s a Jerk”!

Long Live The GOAT

Long Live The GOAT

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away lived a couple of dudes… 

“The guys keep things on the sedate side with a confident swagger exuding from within this fantastic reintroduction to their fiercely well-structured songwriting but they do manage to cut loose with a jaw-dropping, heavy effect-laden guitar solos” – Dragon, Metal Nexus

Chicagoland is home to Long Live The GOAT, but they do love the road. They play home as little as possible, and this is obviously no exception. Show ’em the party while they’re out in Milwaukee and feel free to donate gas money, food, or drugs! Check out their music video for “Drag“.


High Gallows

High Gallows

Desert stoner rock straight out of Milwaukee Wisconsin!

Magnetic Minds

Magnetic Minds
Photo by: Sergio Robledo

Another rad band from Milwaukee making music that means to mend minds magnetically…


Don’t miss this banger of a show. FREE SHOW means you got more $$$ to spend on booze & merch. RSVP to 20 Watt Tombstone, Long Live The GOAT, High Gallows, & Magnetic Minds @ Puddler’s Hall! Rage on internetiverse… May you rock as hard at the live show as you do on

20 Watt Tombstone, Long Live The GOAT,

NEW RED FRANCIS ALBUM and Midwest tour dates

BOOM! A new Red Francis album “Greatest Hits”. The Chicago Rock n’ Roll trio with no boundaries. Genres untamed and tour dates unchained. Their 4th album is a homage to their hometown of Chicago. Each song represents a different neighborhood of the city or story that take place over the course of one day and night.

Red Francis – Greatest Hits

Red Francis is heading out for a week to play some shows in the midwest in support of their new album. Catch them in Chicago on Saturday Sept. 1st with Furr and Quiet Oaks (from Salt Lake City, UT) at Liar’s Club. Check out their other dates to see where else you can catch them live!

8/23 – Ferndale, MI – Black Shampoo, Red Francis, Slob, & Drew Bartosik of Honeybabe @ The Loving Touch

8/24 – Mishawaka, IN – Leather Phase, Red Francis, & Michael Harold Doty @ Smith’s Downtown

8/25 – Fort Wayne, IN – Red Francis & Girl Colors @ Neat Neat Neat Records

8/26 – Cleveland, OH – Bewarewolves, Red Francis, All Over The Place @ Now Thats Class

8/27 – Pittsburgh, PA – Different Places In Space @ Howlers

8/28 – Columbus, OH – Sam Corlett, Red Francis, & Campbell @ Ace of Cups

8/30 – Canton, OH – Red Francis & Jaybird Goody of Got It Got It Need It @ Buzzbin

8/31 – Indianapolis, IN – Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes, Red Francis, & Zap Black & the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group @ Indiana City Brewing

9/1 – Chicago, IL – Red Francis, Quiet Oaks, & Furr @ Liars Club


Their latest music video “Gotta Be Tough” is the fourth song off of “Greatest Hits”. Take a peek and enjoy the music video below. Find out more about it HERE.

Red Francis – Gotta Be Tough

New Undiscovered Music Videos that rule!

Every once in a while, a ton of great new undiscovered music videos pop up around us and don’t get the publicity they deserve. Some do and are just so rad that we feel the need to share them again. Here are a few of them. Hope you enjoy!


Bummer – Fred Savage 420


Slothrust – Double Down



Faux Furrs – Timmy’s Vacation


Scuzz & Cloy – Honeypot



Forming The Void – On We Sail



Foxing – Slapstick



Criminal Kids – Takin’ It Back


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new undiscovered music videos