Rock n’ Roll Tattoo Pop Up at East Room – 8.16.17

Every month at East Room in Logan Square Chicago there’s a Rock n’ Roll Tattoo Pop Up show. This August show is gonna be a good one!

Rock n' Roll Tattoo Pop Up

East Room, Logan Square Tattoo, Suerte Tequila & Pipeworks present Jams and Jammers! The August show features:

Furr, Long live the GOAT, The New Waste, and Ms. Alex White from White Mystery DJing until 4AM.

Rock n’ Roll Tattoo Pop Up Jams and Jammers Presents:

Long Live The GOAT

The New Waste

White Mystery is launching the third episode of the first ever rock’n’roll video game fusion live stream show, so check out “White Mystery TV” below at 7pm CST today!

Thom Simon Interview! Catch them in Chicago 7/27/17

Thom Simon Interview

We had the pleasure of doing a Thom Simon interview when we came through Eugene, Oregon a few years ago, check it out below! …better late than never right?

Thom Simon Interview 2015

They’ve gained a member since then and came out with way more music! Check out their latest album below and head over to Thom Simon’s bandcamp for more tunes.

Thom Simon – Misc. Nights

They’ll be in Chicago on Thursday July 27th at Quenchers Saloon with some great bands: The Moses Gun, Nipple, & Roarmen. RSVP to The Moses Gun / Thom Simon / Nipple / Roarmen.

Find out about all the best shows going on in Chicago at We Are a The Television!



Schubas Chicago – Treehouse Presents Red Francis, Crosstown, and Black Bear Rodeo – 7/26

Treehouse red francis schubas chicago

So Treehouse Records is putting a show at Schubas Chicago with some of Chicago’s finest bands including Red Francis, Crosstown, and Black Bear Rodeo.

Below you can start getting all jacked up for the show with some music and music videos. Red Francis’ music video for their latest single, “Fuckin’ Shit” is nuts and is full of more butt’s than you can imagine. Then start drinking to Crosstown’s “Drinkin”. Last but not least, Black Bear Rodeo’s full “Bunk” EP is a collab between Treehouse Records and Electrical Audio. Recorded by Chicago’s legend Steve Albini and my personal legend Barrett Guzaldo (both way too good at what they do).

Red Francis – Fuckin’ Shit

Crosstown – Drinkin

Black Bear Rodeo – “BUNK” EP

Treehouse presents Red Francis, Crosstown, and Black Bear Rodeo at Schubas Chicago


Finally, here is a hand drawn poster by Matt Kane.

treehouse-presents-red-francis-crosstown schubas chicago

Doomed & Stoned Chicago Compilation

First of all, where has all the doom metal and stoner rock gone? I don’t know. You know who does? Doomed and Stoned.

Doomed and Stoned is a collective based out of Portland, OR sharing some of today’s very best underground Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. So they have taken it upon themselves to showcase some of the best heavy bands in Chicago with this stacked compilation – Doomed & Stoned Chicago! As a result, they have created a massive beast of a compilation that will have you head banging all the way through.

Doomed & Stoned Chicago

Also, if you are looking for new bands in Chicago, there are so many on this comp! The bands featured on Doomed and Stoned Chicago include: Baba YagaBionic CavemenBlack RoadBlue DreamBoatman’s TollCokegoatDark FogDeepspacepilotsDrug HonkeyEarth WitchFaces of the BogFlesh of the StarsHuntsmenLong Live The GOATPale HorsemanPlastic Crimewave SyndicateREZNSacred MonsterScientistSnow BurialSun God RaThee Arthur Layne, and ZAIUS.

Finally, the music!

Doomed & Stoned Chicago

On the shores of Lake Michigan lies one of the world’s greatest cities: Chicago. From the first skyscraper to the Four Seasons by Chagall, this area is thick with history and presence. It’s a city I never thought I’d come to love.

Starting out this compilation, I knew a handful of bands from the area. By it’s completion, I have met countless band members who have astounded me by their commitment to the scene. Now, I call this home. Music is rich here. Not just what we cover—everything. It’s a melting pot of so many styles and tastes. As for the heavier scene, It’s my hope that this compilation represents the various aspects of that.

A mighty thank you to all the bands who chose to participate in this compilation, which coincides with Doomed & Stoned’s fourth anniversary. Huge thanks to Mark Gizewski of Faces of the Bog for assisting me in compiling bands and providing the cover art. Without him, this would not have been possible. Shout out to Suzi Uzi from Black Road for assisting early on, as well.

Enter the fray with me in Chicago’s heavy scene.

-Lara Noel (Doomed & Stoned Chicago Editor)

Furthermore, if you are looking for more cool music and music videos, check out our online music television.

Ricky Liontones, Guerilla, & Jones at Liars Club Chicago – 7/14/17

Another fucked up night at our favorite shit hole in Chicago in coming! Guerilla, Ricky Liontones, & Jones (from St. Paul, Minnesota) will be at Liars Club Chicago on Friday July 14th.

Ricky Liontones, Guerilla, & Jones at Liars Club Chicago - 7/14/17

There’ll be some blues, sexy jamming, and straight up thick bitch style for you to get weird to all night. Brought to you by Wrecking Ball Production. Check out some of the jams below or just show up!

Ricky Liontones – Bigger Room

Ricky Liontones artist Myrrick “Ricky LionTones” Liontonia is an artist based out of Chicago. An outlet for Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Country to break bread.

Guerilla – DUMB

Jones – Jones

July 14th 2017 @ Liars Club Chicago

July 14th 2017 @ Liars Club Chicago

Post Animal Tour Kickoff! – 7/10/17

A Post Animal tour is coming up with The Evening Attraction, here’s your chance to see them off in Chicago at Subterranean on July 10th for the ACLU Benefit. Jude Shuma and Condor & Jaybird will also be joining them on the bill. What a lineup! DJ sets throughout the evening from Lucille Furs.

ACLU Benefit / Post Animal Tour

Buy tickets and RSVP to ACLU Benefit with Post Animal at Subterranean.

Post Animal – Special Moment
 The Evening Attraction – Love So Fine / A Cowboy’s Waltz
Jude Shuma – Biggest Hits

Condor & Jaybird – God Wants Us To Do What God Wants To Do

Faux Furrs Tour Homecoming Show @ East Room – 7/9/17

Faux Furrs tour homecoming with Modern Vices, Red Francis and The Predictions

The boys are back in town! Faux Furrs tour homecoming is today and they got one last party up their sleeve. Check out this sweet lineup: Modern Vices, Faux Furrs, Red Francis, & The Predictions at East Room Sunday July 9th. So good that it doesn’t even feel like a Sunday.

RSVP to Modern Vices / Faux Furrs / Red Francis / The Predictions @ East Room – July 9th, 2017. Doors are at 9PM and its only $5. See ya there!

Modern Vices – Almost Seamus

Faux Furrs – Taxonomy

Red Francis – Fuckin’ Shit

The Predictions – Live at Constellation Chicago

Diarrhea Planet Chicago burbs! – July 6th, 2017

Diarrhea Planet Chicago

Diarrhea Planet is back in town! With a barrage of guitars and a shitty name, they are here to restore your faith in Rock n’ Roll. Playing in the Chi-town suburb of Lombard at Brauerhouse with some sweet locals – Blood People & Lever. Get your tix early and save a few bucks on the show.

RSVP to Diarrhea Planet w/ Blood People and Lever at BrauerHouse!

Diarrhea Planet – Platinum Girls

Does a band really need 4 guitarists? Probably not.. but is it totally badass? YES. Diarrhea Planet are the shit. These dudes from Nashville Tennessee got the moves. Don’t miss it. Take a listen to their latest album Turn Gold from 2016 below:

Diarrhea Planet – Turn Gold

The locals are also pretty rad. Check out their tunes below too!

Blood People – BLOOD PEOPLE

Lever – Hover Bored



Diarrhea Planet Chicago

Diarrhea Planet Chicago

See ya there!

Droids Attack Chicago! – July 3rd, 2017

Hell of a heavy Holiday coming to Chicago July 3rd… Droids Attack Chicago! They’ll be joined by Guerilla and Smoke No.7 at Township this Monday.

Droids Attack Chicago

RSVP to HEAVY Holiday at Township: Droids Attack, Guerilla, Smoke No.7

Droids Attack – Die Glocke

Blasting through Earth’s atmosphere with a sonic boom from beyond, Droids Attack have come to lay waste to conventional rock & metal soundscapes. Brandishing an unstoppable arsenal of otherworldly riffage, their time bending grooves lay a visceral, unrelenting attack intent on vaporizing audiences with guitar driven thunder hooks. Phasers set to “murder your faces.” They watch your ashes burn.

Out of Madison, WI. These guys rip it up and are tight as hell. They’ve really been getting noticed since their release of “Sci-Fi Or Die”. Listen to whole album below:

Droids Attack – Sci-Fi Or Die

Straight out of Chicago and always a good time. Check out their vid for “Bummer” off of their latest album below:

Smoke No.7

Haven’t seen them yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Whiskey fueled dirty basement Rock n Roll is right up my alley. Check out the tunes below:

Stream Dead Heavens New Album!

Stream Dead Heavens new album

Dead Heavens hooked us in with their music video for Feel Low a while back. We’ve been craving a full length album ever since, and it’s finally here! Whatever Witch You Are is out now on Dine Alone Records. Stream Dead Heavens new album below.

Dead Heavens – Whatever Witch You Are

If you haven’t seen their music video for Feel Low yet, you’ve got to check that out too! It’s a moto speed race through hell with just the smoothest rock n roll vibes. Get hooked. Buy Whatever Witch You Are out now on Dine Alone Records and catch Dead Heavens when they come to town!

Dead Heavens – Feel Low