Stream JEFF The Brotherhood’s “Global Chakra Rhythms” before it’s available this Friday! – 11.13.15


After nine albums, JEFF The Brotherhood are still keeping it fresh and interesting! Their double LP “Global Chakra Rhythms” will be available this Friday, November 13th, 2015 via Infinity Cat Recordings. Having worked with several other Nashville greats such as Jack Lawrence of The Dead Weather and Bully’s Reece Lazarus, it’s not surprising they’re still cranking out the hits. The psychedelic soundscapes of this release are meditative and mesmerizing. Yet, their catchy garage rock hooks we have grown accustomed to are not lost in the mix, they’ve just transcended. Stream JEFF The Brotherhood‘s “Global Chakra Rhythms” right here on We Are The Television.

Catch WAND tonight at the Empty Bottle! – 11.7.15

Wand band main

WAND. Killer 3-piece band from LA/San Francisco are at the Empty Bottle tonight with Perfume & Melkbelly! This is not a show to miss. In August of 2014 we heard their debut release “Ganglion Reef” off of Ty Segall’s God? Records. Since then they have already put out another album and LP. Their sophomore album, “Golem” (this time on In The Red), is a true garage rock rager with the rawest of tones and synthetic explosions popping through the seams. Soon after on Sept. 25th of 2015, they release another work of art (this time on Drag City) called 1000 Days. Watch them tear up the stage tonight at the Empty Bottle in Chicago!

Long Live The GOAT release “A Greeting From The Dark King”! – 11.6.15


Two weeks after putting out their music video for “Drag”, Long Live The GOAT releases “A Greeting From The Dark King”. The songs and artwork are brutal! The EP was recorded and mixed at Chicago’s Treehouse Records and mastered at Macca Mastering. Both songs can now be downloaded off their bandcamp page for whatever you want to pay for them. Take them for free or give them your life savings. I think I saw them drinking Skol last week, so I’m sure they’d appreciate the latter. You can see them live at Moe’s Tavern in Chicago tonight with City Slang and The Evictions. RSVP for the show HERE!

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That guy’s Mike, there’s another Mike, so many Mike at the Peelander-Z show!


When my buddy asked me to come check out the Peelander-Z show at Reggie’s on Halloween, I was a little hesitant. I thought we’d be going to see some Japanese Teletubby bullshit and it’d be a lame waste of a Halloween. Wow was I wrong… I’ve never seen a show like this. Peelander-Z spends more time involving the crowd in their show than actually playing music and it makes for one hell of a time! My friends and I found our selves on stage multiple times during the show whether it was to stage dive back into the audience, do aerobics, or literally play the band’s instruments. I even stepped out of the venue in the middle of the show to get a breather and saw “Yellow”, the guitarist/front man of Peelander-Z, run out behind me to yank an umbrella out of a table and run right back in. This show was an exciting way to spend Halloween and I highly encourage anyone that likes to go ape shit at a show to check them out when they come through your town.

The openers were also a pleasant surprise. The Symptoms, a heavy dance punk outlet consisting of a drummer and dual bassists, kicked off the show. Their disco punk drum grooves and raunchy tones of bass being played like a guitar reminded me of Death from Above 1979 in the best possible way. I’d love to see more of these guys, but rumor has it that that was the last show for their drummer, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for The Symptoms. Mad Conductor, a progressive rap rock group from Center Valley, PA, was the other opener for the night. Personally, they just weren’t for me. They somehow brought me to your average basic bitch dorm room where a Sublime poster was somewhere amidst and I wouldn’t be surprised if EDM was the true forte of their fan base. Although they weren’t necessarily for me, I’d be a fool to deny Mad Conductor’s talent. The band was tight like a virgin butt hole and could get a crowd moving. They also bring in some hot fans. That’s a rarity at a punk show.

Beer & food of the night: 3 Floyds Blackheart – (8.5 ABV) So smooth, yet so punishing. Reggie’s fried pickle spears – I love me some fried pickles, but when they’re spears they’re bigger, so of course they’re better.

Whores. Keep the good times & bad vibes coming!

Whores. Now this is some brutal shit. Even their name is badass. Whores are Christian Lembach (voice and guitar), Casey Maxwell (bass), and Donnie Adkinson (drums). They are three dudes from Atlanta, Georgia that play some neo-monolithic noise rock. I had the pleasure of seeing them tear it up at The Subterranean in Wicker Park a few weeks ago when they shared a bill with Wild Throne and opened up for Red Fang. This was a wild show that was a tight squeeze for The SubT! The pit was made up of pissed off drunken grown men with a deep love for metal and was not a force to be messed with. The slimey beer soaked floor was littered with broken belongings by the end of the night and I wouldn’t be surprised if some blood was spilt. If you didn’t get a chance to experience the good times and bad vibes for yourself while they were on tour, listen to their latest EP, “Clean”, right here on We Are The Television via Bandcamp!

Stream FUZZ’s “II” before it’s available this Friday! – 10.23.15


FUZZ is back with just what we need! It’s been a while since their first self-titled album in 2013. Their second album, “II”, comes out this Friday, October 23rd and it’s one hell of a heavy hitting head-banging metal album that already has a classic sound to it. Feel free to call it whatever list of post lo-fi psychedelic garage punk rock n’ roll over-the-top mix of genres works for you, but I’d say this is a perfect stab at the original metal sound. Fuzz II strips it down to the very essentials – epic riffs, catchy licks, and a beat that kills. Why make it more pretentious than it is? It’s fucking awesome and makes me want to slam a beer a punch a hole in the wall. Your Dad is probably going to pop in to your room at some point when you crank this album and ask you if you’re getting back into Black Sabbath. As lame as your Dad is, he’s kind of right. Garage rockers Ty Segall, Charlie Moothart (of the Moonhearts), and Chad Ubovich (of Meatbodies) have put together an equally powerful and menacingly catchy album with Fuzz II that can be seen as a gateway album to some much heavier stuff for fans of Fuzz and maybe even the band themselves. You can stream Fuzz’s new album, “II”, before it’s released right here via NPR.

Make sure you catch FUZZ live next month when they come to Chicago! They’ll be playing at Thalia Hall Friday November 20th with Walter & Oozing Wound. Buy your ticket’s HERE!

DEAF WISH @ Township tonight! – 10.6.15



DEAF WISH, noise rock band from Melbourne, Australia, starts their 2015 fall tour at Township in Chicago tonight! They just released their fourth full-length album titled “Pain” on Sub Pop Records and will be playing with Gross Pointe & Red Francis. Chicago’s very own artist, Patt Knerr, constructed this stunning piece of artwork on the show flyer above. His colorfully modern and spastic chaotic creations can be viewed and bought at Era Galleries and The Mind of Patt Knerr. Get psyched for the big show tonight by streaming Red Francis’ new self-titled release, Gross Pointe’s new 7″ EP on HoZac Records, and Deaf Wish’s new album “Pain“.


Shiloh, Jackson Boone, Red Francis, & Shah Jahan @ Emporium – 09.18.15!


This lineup is stacked! Shiloh, Jackson Boone, Red Francis, and Shah Jahan will all be at Emporium (Wicker Park) in Chicago tonight, and it’s FREE. How can you beat that? It is going to be a fucking shit show. We haven’t heard from Shiloh in a bit because one of their members was in jail, welcome back! Jackson Boone is coming all the way from Portland, OR to grace us with his presence and we couldn’t be more excited about it. They just released their sophomore album titled, “Natural Changes” and it is an all around solid album and beautiful work of art, so get on your knees and suck on it right HERE. You can also watch them perform one of our favorite tunes from the album titled, “Dolphin Turned Into a Cat” on KEXP below.

RSVP here and enjoy all of this live at Emporium tonight!