Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Underwater Activities


Post Animal, a heavy psych pop group from Chicago, IL just put out an album on Oct. 27th, 2015 recorded and produced completely by themselves titled, “Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Underwater Activities”. The album jams! From start finish, it moves you through an underwater world of colored and mutating textures. The overall theme of the album remains consistent in the song titles to the abstract production that swims from song to song. It’s a very chill album, but more than the psychedelic record that propels you to listen only after lighting up a bowl and melting into your couch. There’s dancing, there’s head-banging, it’s rock n’ roll. Post Animal is Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery, and Matt Williams. Watch them live at Chicago DIY spot, Club Soda, this Saturday (11.28.15) with Red Francis, The Evening Attraction, and The Holy Motors. RSVP HERE.

Lever, the finest bipolar grunge pop in the midwest!


Lever. Bipolar grunge pop and modern midwestern punk rock at it’s finest. These dudes come from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a polished sound and relentless urge to play anywhere and everywhere in the area. Lever is made up of Jon Babin (vocals/guitar), Jeff Aquino (guitar/vocals), Brandon Erker (bass), and Michael Reinhold (drums). Their latest album, “Hover Bored”, was released May of 2015. This is an album that can be enjoyed by the punks and pop enthusiasts alike. With all those hooks, you’re bound to be humming one of their tunes eventually. Thankfully, the grit isn’t lost. Distortion is still cranked, the shredding is still there, and the screams are fierce. You can get an even better representation of the power in Lever’s chops at a live show. Ariel Nebel was their original bassist, whom can be heard on “Hover Bored” and also did the artwork for the album, but she has recently left the band to play bass for Barb Wire Dolls. Lever has a number of shows coming up, but be sure to check out the one with Long Live The GOAT & Dirt Tusk on November 25th at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago. RSVP to the show HERE.

NEW music videos on We Are The Television!

There have been an abundance of music videos as of lately that we feel need to be seen an enjoyed by all. Sit back, take them in, and then get off your ass and go see these bands live!

Radkey – Glore

The Dirty Nil – No Weaknesses

Long Live The Goat – Drag

Santah – Here Are My Shells

All Them Witches – Dirt Preachers

Red Francis – Song B

Elsinore – The Great Communicator

The Giraffes – Blood Will Run

JEFF The Brotherhood – Radiating Fiber Plane

We Are The Television’s Songs For Humping

By: Michael Glader


 Have you ever had sex and it felt pretty good? We Are The Television know that feeling, we love having sex, especially when it’s really warm and wet. Nothing accompanies sex better than a dope ass playlist to help set the mood, rhythmically guide you into different positions, and help cover up the sounds of whatever the hell you’re doing in the bedroom.

We are very excited to announce our bi-monthly “Songs For Humping” playlist that will be available on YouTube and Spotify every other week. All you have to do is click the link, take off your pants and release.

Here you go, just try to last one hour, okay?

The Giraffes are back with a new video for “Blood will Run”!


Last week, The Giraffes teamed up with Revolver to put out a video for “Blood Will Run”, the first track off of their latest LP, “Usury”. The band stated that this isn’t necessarily an official video, rather it’s an abbreviated document of the making of the LP. “Usury” is dark, thoroughly constructed, and riff driven, constantly moving from one valorous segment to the next. The Giraffes have been going at it for 15 years already and have gathered a loyal fan base as a result of it. This hard rock group from Brooklyn, New York hadn’t been active for the last few years, but this might mean they’re looking to make a strong return with their original lineup featuring lead singer Aaron Lazar, guitarist Damien Paris, drummer Andrew Totolos, with the addition of bassist Josh Taggart. Keep an eye out for what’s coming next!

Catch The Hotones at The Tree of Joliet on 11.17.15!


The Hotones are the only bass slappin’ funk metal jam band your gonna find in the area. Their unique sound is one of a kind. The Hotones haven’t played very often lately, so this is definitely a show to catch. It’s at The Tree of Joliet which was formally known as Mojoes. This is one of the first shows as “The Tree of Joliet”, so we’ll see what has changed at the venue since the new management has taken over. The Hotones will be kicking off the show, so make sure to get their right at 6:00PM when it all starts. They will also be playing with Minutes in Japan (formally known as White Radio), Awake At Last, Deadman’s Hand, and Nobody Move. Get ready for the show with all the EPs The Hotones have put out so far. Each one has it’s own feel to it, and they all rule. Get right with these dudes on Tuesday Nov. 17th! RSVP HERE.

New Chicago area releases this weekend – 11.13.15


Dirt Tusk, a brand new Chicago rock band release “Black Moss” off their debut EP “Musk” today (11/13/15). They’ve decided to take on the recording and mixing of this upcoming EP all by themselves which is a formidable task. You can now download one of the fruits of their labor at their bandcamp page for whatever you want to pay for it. Make sure you check them out live on November 25th at Quenchers Saloon. RSVP HERE. It’s gonna be wild!

Double Feature, Chicago pop punk band release their new album tomorrow (11/14/15). Double Feature is made up of Dominick Del (lead vocals/guitar), Kyle Bak (backup vocals/guitar), Marty Madera (bass), and Justin Miller (drums). You can pick up a copy of their debut CD at their release show along with some other cool merch at The Burlington tomorrow night. RSVP HERE. The show starts at 8:30 PM and they’ll be playing with Red Light ComplianceEZ Kebage, and Retirement Club. Bring your homies and prep your liver, because some serious celebration is in store.

The Dirty Nil at Cobra Lounge tonight! – 11.12.15


Photo taken by Amanda Fotes

Riot Fest presents The Dirty Nil at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago with Typesetter and Evasive Backflip tonight! This rock n’ roll 3-piece from Dundas, Ontario in Canada are the real deal. The Dirty Nil is proof that a hard working DIY attitude can prosper successful results. I saw these three dudes a few years ago when they came through Chicago after their release of “SMITE“. They played in a DIY venue that was hardly even a space. It was a studio apartment that fit about two people comfortably and I was stunned that they even found a way to get their equipment into the place. There were about 10 eccentric characters there, outside of the band members and their opening act, so I think it’s safe to say this was before the band had received very much recognition (at least in Chicago). Don’t get me wrong though… these are my favorite kind of shows and I had a fucking blast. The energy they bring to their music is contagious to everyone in the room. Since then they’ve put out “Cinnamon/Guided By Vices” on Fat Mike‘s Fat Wreck Chords, “No Weaknesses” on Dine Alone Records, toured extensively, and started up The Dirty Nil Record Club where you can get three 7″ records a year with an original A-Side that has never been seen before on a physical release and a cover on the B-Side. That’s a sweet deal!

Catch them live tonight at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago. Buy tickets for the show HERE.