Tonight’s the night! It’s been a rough week at work, and everyone’s ready to let loose and make a lot of terrible decisions. This is the perfect chance to make a move on that coworker that’s been kind of giving you a look like every once in a while, maybe. It’s a great time to slam a few drinks down with your boss and tell him how you really feel. Tell him about that great idea you had about working from home on Fridays and how he can do better at his job. Oh boy… This is going to be a great night and an even better Monday with no regrets and no shame! Here’s the gossip around the office:


Have fun ladies, but not too much fun!


Oh Don, you dog you… I wonder what his intention’s are?


We feel ya Deb.. We don’t trust him either. He’s a real creep!


Tonight’s guaranteed to be the highlight of the year! Janice will probably be talking about it for the next few months until something else eventful happens in that old bag’s life; like the news or the weather or something or whatever…

But seriously, get pumped for the bands playing at the COMPANY PARTY HOLIDAY SHIT SHOW FUCK FEST at Cole’s in Chicago tonight! It starts at 9:00PM, it’s FREE, and the bands playing are Mawrcrest, Jude Shuma, & Red Francis. I know we’ve told you about Mawrcrest and Red Francis, but have you listened to Jude Shuma? If you haven’t heard Jude Shuma yet, quit being dumb. Check his shit out!


photo by Natalie Escobedo

Jude Shuma is lo-fi nu-wave pysch rock and a Chicago native. His first EP “Afternoonified” was mixed in his personal apartment studio and it’s already a (self-proclaimed) cult classic! One of the tunes was even featured on HBO‘s original series, Ballers. Take a listen to Jude Shuma’s “Afternoonified” below and RSVP to the COMPANY PARTY HOLIDAY SHIT SHOW FUCK FEST right HERE.

Songs For Humping 2


by: Michael Glader

Our second installment of “Songs For Humping,” comes with great pleasure. After some gut busting Thanksgiving gluttony, real life coitus happened for yours truly over the long holiday. It was some real tip thrusting stuff, real humping, and real humping with a human woman at that. You’re probably wondering, what in the world did they listen to while they were humping, well… it was Songs For Humping Mix 1, of course!

We cued up that sucker and let the sucking ensue. Sucking led to more sucking and before we knew it, there was full on humping, it was real sex all right. We were having full on freaky-deaky sex, and it definitely felt warm.

The playlist guided our guilty, regretful decision into different moves such as the JOLIET JACKHAMMER and the BOUNCE HOUSE. It was crazy! The sex was wet and featured the likes of many fluids. The Songs For Humping Mix 1 lasted as long as we did and the icing on the cake was the comment about how much she enjoyed the music.

I’m telling you people, play this music, have some fun, and enjoy your new Songs For Humping Mix 2.

You can also listen to Songs for Humping 2 on Spotify:

Mawrcrest, Chicago power trio reinterpret Avant Rock!



Mawrcrest. That’s a mouthful. Avant garde rock music or straight filthy rock, whatever you want to call it… Mawrcrest’s “Never Seen” has a sound so familiar yet unique to themselves. It’s popular American rock music dragged through the dirt and back again. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s on repeat. This Chicago power trio made up of Anthony Ferretti, Lena Rush, and Mario Coletta put out this 6 song EP on Aerial Ballet Records in March of 2014. It has been a while, so the physical CDs have sold out since then. I’m selfishly glad that I got a copy before that happened, but no worries, you can still download a digital copy of “Never Seen” as well as their first EP “Whisker Music” on their bandcamp page. They’ll be playing the COMPANY PARTY HOLIDAY SHIT SHOW FUCK FEST at Cole’s in Chicago this Friday (12.4.15) and it’s FREE! You’re not gonna want to miss it. RSVP HERE.

The Evening Attraction Tonight at Club Soda! – 11.28.15


Catch The Evening Attraction with some other cool acts at Club Soda, Chicago DIY venue, tonight (11.28.15)! The show starts at 8:00pm and they’ll be playing with Red Francis, Post Animal, and The Holy Motors who all rock n’ roll and kick ass so get there right when it starts. It has been about a year and a half since they put out the album “Almost Desperate” and it’s still fresh as hell. This is yet another one of the great albums to come out of Chicago’s Treehouse Records. It even features one of the owners of Treehouse Records, Matt Gieser, on drums. The Evening Attraction’s BopPop sound is a calming breath of fresh air amongst the wide variety of rock that the diverse Chicago scene has to offer. They have simplified and stripped rock n’ roll to it’s core with “Almost Desperate”, leaving us with pop songs that soothe and groove. Check out the album below and RSVP for their show tonight right HERE!

Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Underwater Activities


Post Animal, a heavy psych pop group from Chicago, IL just put out an album on Oct. 27th, 2015 recorded and produced completely by themselves titled, “Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Underwater Activities”. The album jams! From start finish, it moves you through an underwater world of colored and mutating textures. The overall theme of the album remains consistent in the song titles to the abstract production that swims from song to song. It’s a very chill album, but more than the psychedelic record that propels you to listen only after lighting up a bowl and melting into your couch. There’s dancing, there’s head-banging, it’s rock n’ roll. Post Animal is Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery, and Matt Williams. Watch them live at Chicago DIY spot, Club Soda, this Saturday (11.28.15) with Red Francis, The Evening Attraction, and The Holy Motors. RSVP HERE.

Lever, the finest bipolar grunge pop in the midwest!


Lever. Bipolar grunge pop and modern midwestern punk rock at it’s finest. These dudes come from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a polished sound and relentless urge to play anywhere and everywhere in the area. Lever is made up of Jon Babin (vocals/guitar), Jeff Aquino (guitar/vocals), Brandon Erker (bass), and Michael Reinhold (drums). Their latest album, “Hover Bored”, was released May of 2015. This is an album that can be enjoyed by the punks and pop enthusiasts alike. With all those hooks, you’re bound to be humming one of their tunes eventually. Thankfully, the grit isn’t lost. Distortion is still cranked, the shredding is still there, and the screams are fierce. You can get an even better representation of the power in Lever’s chops at a live show. Ariel Nebel was their original bassist, whom can be heard on “Hover Bored” and also did the artwork for the album, but she has recently left the band to play bass for Barb Wire Dolls. Lever has a number of shows coming up, but be sure to check out the one with Long Live The GOAT & Dirt Tusk on November 25th at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago. RSVP to the show HERE.

NEW music videos on We Are The Television!

There have been an abundance of music videos as of lately that we feel need to be seen an enjoyed by all. Sit back, take them in, and then get off your ass and go see these bands live!

Radkey – Glore

The Dirty Nil – No Weaknesses

Long Live The Goat – Drag

Santah – Here Are My Shells

All Them Witches – Dirt Preachers

Red Francis – Song B

Elsinore – The Great Communicator

The Giraffes – Blood Will Run

JEFF The Brotherhood – Radiating Fiber Plane

We Are The Television’s Songs For Humping

By: Michael Glader


 Have you ever had sex and it felt pretty good? We Are The Television know that feeling, we love having sex, especially when it’s really warm and wet. Nothing accompanies sex better than a dope ass playlist to help set the mood, rhythmically guide you into different positions, and help cover up the sounds of whatever the hell you’re doing in the bedroom.

We are very excited to announce our bi-monthly “Songs For Humping” playlist that will be available on YouTube and Spotify every other week. All you have to do is click the link, take off your pants and release.

Here you go, just try to last one hour, okay?