NEW RED FRANCIS ALBUM and Midwest tour dates

BOOM! A new Red Francis album “Greatest Hits”. The Chicago Rock n’ Roll trio with no boundaries. Genres untamed and tour dates unchained. Their 4th album is a homage to their hometown of Chicago. Each song represents a different neighborhood of the city or story that take place over the course of one day and night.

Red Francis – Greatest Hits

Red Francis is heading out for a week to play some shows in the midwest in support of their new album. Catch them in Chicago on Saturday Sept. 1st with Furr and Quiet Oaks (from Salt Lake City, UT) at Liar’s Club. Check out their other dates to see where else you can catch them live!

8/23 – Ferndale, MI – Black Shampoo, Red Francis, Slob, & Drew Bartosik of Honeybabe @ The Loving Touch

8/24 – Mishawaka, IN – Leather Phase, Red Francis, & Michael Harold Doty @ Smith’s Downtown

8/25 – Fort Wayne, IN – Red Francis & Girl Colors @ Neat Neat Neat Records

8/26 – Cleveland, OH – Bewarewolves, Red Francis, All Over The Place @ Now Thats Class

8/27 – Pittsburgh, PA – Different Places In Space @ Howlers

8/28 – Columbus, OH – Sam Corlett, Red Francis, & Campbell @ Ace of Cups

8/30 – Canton, OH – Red Francis & Jaybird Goody of Got It Got It Need It @ Buzzbin

8/31 – Indianapolis, IN – Mr. Clit & the Pink Cigarettes, Red Francis, & Zap Black & the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group @ Indiana City Brewing

9/1 – Chicago, IL – Red Francis, Quiet Oaks, & Furr @ Liars Club


Their latest music video “Gotta Be Tough” is the fourth song off of “Greatest Hits”. Take a peek and enjoy the music video below. Find out more about it HERE.

Red Francis – Gotta Be Tough