New Music Video from Red Francis is an Ass-aulting Journey

Flaming Trash Cans, Stretch Limos and Butts — the new Red Francis music video has it all! 

Chicago band Red Francis and Brooklyn visual artist ORYANS BELLT came together to create the ass-tastic masterpeice that is “Fuckin’ Shit”. As a result, the combined effort is a wild party filled with twerking, butt bongos and flying through space.

“We came back from a Southwest tour in the fall of 2016 and wanted to get to work on a new single and video. “Fuckin’ Shit” is about a really cool butt, and the video is a salute to butts no matter the size, color or gender,”  – Michael Glader, lead singer.

Red Francis Music Video

The video for “Fuckin’ Shit” transports the viewer to a grungy city landscape where a bizarre celebration of butts ensues. Butts are stacked in a human pyramid and used as bongos as explosions and comical characters fly by. The final product is a hilarious and mesmerizing experience of being lost in the moment of seeing an earth-shattering ass.

Glader says, “We wanted the video to be as weird as possible, and I think we’ve achieved that. We had so much fun filming our friends dancing in their underwear and I think the energy really shined through.”

Finally, check this beast of an ass vid out for yourself below:

Red Francis – Fuckin’ Shit

First of all, who’s ass is dat? Due to all of this beautiful butt magic.. I got a b0ner.