New Dingus. Music Video

Chicago garage pop punk band Dingus. set the tone with a new Dingus. music video for Cherry Garcia. This one’s off their latest EP, The Place To Be.

Dingus. Music video Cherry Garcia

Thats’a Beauty Productions truly did it up with this one! The video is a mark of the times and a great piece of work. Cherry Garcia is a laid back chill ride on a couch through town. It sports an old TV playing karaoke. The boys are vampires, devils, and wizards. A chandelier hangs in the middle of the field that Dingus. is rocking out in. Do we have to make sense of it? No, but that fucking dangling earring can’t help but make it feel like this is straight out of the 80’s… or a tip of that hat to Billy from Stranger Things.

Dingus. Music Video – Cherry Garcia

You can catch Dingus. live in Chicago at Subterranean on January 17th with Vagabonds, The Moose & Safe Bet. RSVP to the show & buy tickets here!

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