Lever, the finest bipolar grunge pop in the midwest!


Lever. Bipolar grunge pop and modern midwestern punk rock at it’s finest. These dudes come from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a polished sound and relentless urge to play anywhere and everywhere in the area. Lever is made up of Jon Babin (vocals/guitar), Jeff Aquino (guitar/vocals), Brandon Erker (bass), and Michael Reinhold (drums). Their latest album, “Hover Bored”, was released May of 2015. This is an album that can be enjoyed by the punks and pop enthusiasts alike. With all those hooks, you’re bound to be humming one of their tunes eventually. Thankfully, the grit isn’t lost. Distortion is still cranked, the shredding is still there, and the screams are fierce. You can get an even better representation of the power in Lever’s chops at a live show. Ariel Nebel was their original bassist, whom can be heard on “Hover Bored” and also did the artwork for the album, but she has recently left the band to play bass for Barb Wire Dolls. Lever has a number of shows coming up, but be sure to check out the one with Long Live The GOAT & Dirt Tusk on November 25th at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago. RSVP to the show HERE.