Krampus III – Kramp For Kylie’s Cause

GUERILLA, The Deadbolts, & MidiJoyful will be at Lucky’s Lounge in Chicago Ridge, IL on December 21st 2019 for Krampus III! Way Bigger and sexier than Krampus II… rocking out and partying in support of Kylie’s Cause / mother frickin Christmas. Music starts at 9pm and good times will be had throughout the night. $10 suggested donation at the door and receive a free drink or donate what you are able.

Krampus III Kylie's Cause

For those of you who are not aware, Kylie Mcelheny is currently kicking cancers tookus. Unfortunately, cancer has filed a lawsuit for assault and battery. So we got together and summoned the dark forces of Krampus to raise funds needed to pay for these charges. In exchange for donations, Krampus has agreed to only eat some of the bad kids this December.




The Deadbolts