Invictus, Butchered, and more punks! – 6/20

InvictusButcheredDethwarrant, and Guerilla (band) on June 20th!

Invictus, Butchered, Dethwarrent, & Guerilla @ Beat Kitchen - 6.20.18

A stacked Chicago punk bill at The Beat Kitchen this Wednesday. RSVP to the show & join the party! These bottom dwellers have been in it for the long haul. Their party punk reeks like a dank cheap wine. Refined Chicago shit rock, its a beautiful thing… and only meant for the true Wednesday night show goers. We’ll see ya there.

Buy tickets here –


Do it.


They don’t fucking care.


I gave them my band’s CD, and one of them ate it.


Brutal dudes who will slip a hot dog in you.


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