Ian’s Party 2017

Ian's Party 2017

Finally, Ian’s Party 2017 weekend is here (Jan. 6th – 8th)! Seems like it’s going to be a rager. A ridiculous amount of great Chicago bands and artists crammed into one bill. It’ll take place at venues across Wicker Park Chicago including Chop Shop, Subterranean, and Double Door.  

Ian’s Party 2017 bands include: Hewhocorrupts, More Gorgeous, Lamon Manuel, Buildings, Truman & His Trophy, Canadian Rifle, The Howl, Toys That Kill, Mykele DevilleVacation Bible School, Hawley, Ego, Sass DragonsMEAT WAVE, Bleach Party, NNAMDI’S SOOPER-DOOPER SECRET SIDE PROJECT!, Elephant Gun, Walking BicyclesNegative Scanner, No MenA Giant Dog, Paper Mice, Coaster, MelkbellySincere Engineer, Yeesh, Dethwarrant, Lovely Little Girls, LIFESTYLES, Rad Payoff, Celine Neon, Bust!THE AVANTIST, Absolutely Not, Swimsuit AdditionSalvation, Heart Shaped Hate, the brokedownsF.Y.I, Closed Mouths, Lala Lala, Lucy StooleDROOL, Beat Drun Juel, The Cell Phones, Grimms & blAcknight, Ribbonhead, Oreo Jones, DEN and High Priests. The list never seems to end. Consequently, a packed fest full of artists that you’re not going to want to miss.

Get pumped with a mix of a bunch of these bands’ music videos and past live performances below! Then RSVP here and get the official lineup, tickets, and all other info at Iansparty.com.

Ian’s Party 2017 Mix