HAIR Record Release!

Flyer by: Eliza Weber

Super tight show with a bunch of cool bands tomorrow (Feb. 25th) at The Auxilary Arts Center in Chicago! This is a record release show for HAIR. What a name… Hair, a band of dudes with long hair and a shredding vintage sound stunningly similar to Fuzz. That’s pretty rad.

Photo by: Bethany Puterbaugh

HAIR, the current musical arm of the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Long Haired Men, a group founded by DAVID BOWIE in 1964. Members of HAIR live to a code that mandates shoulder length hair at a minimum. Like the straight hard rock bands of the 70s and 90s (but not the 80s, that shit sucked) before them, the group is dedicated to the heaviest and loudest sounds allowed. Together HAIR define long haired heavy psych rock in the 22nd Century. Check out some of their newest tunes below along with the other bands on the show!

Hair – HAIR

Some of the other sick bands on this show include Basement Family, Glyders, & Magic Ian Family Punk Band. Do it. Have a ball! Don’t miss out guy.

RSVP to Basement Family / Hair / Glyders / Magic Ian Family Punk Band @ Aux Arts Center – $7 cover – 9PM