Guerilla / The Holy Warheads / Gentle Gene / Stickfight @ Liar’s Club -4.28.18

Another night of partying and rock n’ fuckin rollin is upon on us… Get to Liar’s Club April 28th for the show – Guerilla, The Holy Warheads, Gentle Gene, and Stickfight!

Guerilla The Holy Warheads Liars Club


The Holy Warheads are coming to Chicago from Grand Rapids. Check out their music video for Slaves Unto The Master. It’s an adaptation of Fritz Lang‘s METROPOLIS from 1927.

The Holy Warheads – Slaves Unto The Master


Our first "official" music video is an adaptation of Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS from 1927.#thesewarheadsareholy #theholywarheads

Posted by The Holy Warheads on Saturday, February 11, 2017

More tunes from their latest EP Gravity:


GUERILLA fuck shit up at Liar’s Club on a monthly basis. They got sludge punk grooves for days. Pump your head to their latest album DUMB:

If you’re loving that. Go check out Guerilla’s music video for Bummer.



Gentle Gene are a new Chicago rock group, but old to the scene. They’re made up of members of Ideamen and have soulful alt rock sound with a little punk and prog to it. Here’s a lil Gentle Gene sampler to dip your toes into:


STICKFIGHT!  kicks a motherfuckin’ cheetah’s ass!

RSVP to Guerilla *The Holy Warheads *Gentle Gene *Stickfight! at Liar’s Club on April 28th, 2018! Brought to you by Wrecking Ball Productions

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