The Evictions New Album!

The Evictions are a fresh band out of Chicago with members from The Last Vegas, Black Actress, & The Lucks. Their front man, Johnny, also makes some kickass guitar pedals at Daredevil pedals. They’re a three piece garage rock outfit with blazing riffs and scream-a-long chorus hooks; seen sharing bills with Cheetah Chrome and the Sonics.

The Evictions Chicago

The guys just put out a new album and it’s loud, fast, & punk. Ehhh I kinda hesitate to call it punk, but it doesn’t really matter what you want to call it… It’s a rager and some good ass rock n roll! It’s got that raunch to it – a growl out of the vocals that reminds me of The Bronx and a pummeling straight forward backbeat that’s similar to The Lillingtons. Check out their self titled below.

The Evictions

If you missed their album release with Giuda, MAMA, & Stickfight at Chop Shop, then give them a follow on their  Facebook page to find out about their next show!

Poster by Casey Sass