Druid / Long Live The Goat / Sun God Ra / Sparky Quano at Livewire – 5.8.18

Hailing from Athens, Ohio, Druid is bringing their fuzzed out Rock n’ Roll to Chicago, IL. They will be playing with Long Live the GOAT, Sun God Ra, and Sparky Quano at Livewire Lounge on Tuesday, May 8th.

druid at livewire


Druid was formed by Kaleb Shaffner, Greg Ornella, Max Schmitz, and Louis Eyerman in Athens, OH in 2014. Over the short time since its formation, they earned a reputation for their intense stage presence, as well as for how loud their shows are. They have released three full length records.  I dropped some of their tunes down below.


Last time Long Live the GOAT played was at Doom brewery Soundgrowler with Telekinetic Yeti. If you missed them there, don’t sleep on this one! Added some GOAT tunes below…

Long Live The GOAT

Cosmic energy distilled into music, Sun God Ra is the sonic weight of the Universe. Check them out for yourself! All hail Ra bitches!

Sun God Ra

RSVP to Druid / Long Live the Goat / Sun God Ra / Sparky Quano at Livewire  here.