Doomed & Stoned Chicago Compilation

First of all, where has all the doom metal and stoner rock gone? I don’t know. You know who does? Doomed and Stoned.

Doomed and Stoned is a collective based out of Portland, OR sharing some of today’s very best underground Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. So they have taken it upon themselves to showcase some of the best heavy bands in Chicago with this stacked compilation – Doomed & Stoned Chicago! As a result, they have created a massive beast of a compilation that will have you head banging all the way through.

Doomed & Stoned Chicago

Also, if you are looking for new bands in Chicago, there are so many on this comp! The bands featured on Doomed and Stoned Chicago include: Baba YagaBionic CavemenBlack RoadBlue DreamBoatman’s TollCokegoatDark FogDeepspacepilotsDrug HonkeyEarth WitchFaces of the BogFlesh of the StarsHuntsmenLong Live The GOATPale HorsemanPlastic Crimewave SyndicateREZNSacred MonsterScientistSnow BurialSun God RaThee Arthur Layne, and ZAIUS.

Finally, the music!

Doomed & Stoned Chicago

On the shores of Lake Michigan lies one of the world’s greatest cities: Chicago. From the first skyscraper to the Four Seasons by Chagall, this area is thick with history and presence. It’s a city I never thought I’d come to love.

Starting out this compilation, I knew a handful of bands from the area. By it’s completion, I have met countless band members who have astounded me by their commitment to the scene. Now, I call this home. Music is rich here. Not just what we cover—everything. It’s a melting pot of so many styles and tastes. As for the heavier scene, It’s my hope that this compilation represents the various aspects of that.

A mighty thank you to all the bands who chose to participate in this compilation, which coincides with Doomed & Stoned’s fourth anniversary. Huge thanks to Mark Gizewski of Faces of the Bog for assisting me in compiling bands and providing the cover art. Without him, this would not have been possible. Shout out to Suzi Uzi from Black Road for assisting early on, as well.

Enter the fray with me in Chicago’s heavy scene.

-Lara Noel (Doomed & Stoned Chicago Editor)

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