New Irish Punk for St. Pattys Day!

The Dirty Dezzys are a couple a’ wee Irish lads outta Southside Chicago. They drink, they smoke, and they eat the corn beef & cabbage. They just put out a 2-song Irish Punk ☘️ EP titled “Find Me Wheelchair” – also the name of the first song on the EP, and a music video for “Drunk Since Noon” – the second song off of it, about getting drunk in your room. We’ll all probably be celebrating St. Patricks Day by drinking in our room this year due to this COVID-19… stay safe out there, but most importantly… party on.


The Dirty Dezzys – “Drunk Since Noon”


Aren’t we all a little sick of listening to those dusty Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly tunes? Here’s a couple of fresh ones to blast on St. Pattys day. Download the EP for FREE on The Dirty Dezzy bandcamp page.

The Dirty Dezzys – “Find Me Wheelchair”

The Dirty Dezzys Rainbow Irish Punk