Cashew Toe Jam 2020

Matt G. of False Idols is gonna be back in town and is hosting a show on January 10th, 2020 at the Drunken Donut in Joliet, IL! This’ll be the first of many Cashew Toe Jams! RSVP to the show and jam out to some of the artists below.

Cashew Toe Jam 2020

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Evan Frazier

Evan will be kicking off the show right at 8:30PM. Couldn’t find any of his tunes online, but he’s very lovely folk. Has murdered, but doesn’t like to brag 🙂


Wally Tusk and the Film Club

The baddest fellas from Chicago. I heard they killed a man and they loved doing it.


False Idols

Playing for the first time with accompaniment. Has also killed a man, but felt iffy about doing it.


Lazy D from Green Jelly

You may have heard of Green Jello. Formed in the early 80s. JELLO got mad and they changed the name to Green Jelly. Fuck the giggle gods. Jelly 4ever!!

Lo Friendo

The cream of the crop, the great bambino! They put the boo in booty shakin!