Black Bear Rodeo, Guerilla, & Alex Wiley Coyote @ The Drunken Donut

Get your booze n’ free donuts at The Joliet Bakery (AKA The Drunken Donut) this Friday night – Aug. 3rd at 9PM! It’s gonna be a smoking hot show with Guerilla, Black Bear Rodeo, and Alex Wiley Coyote (based out of Wisconsin).

Black Bear Rodeo, Guerilla, Alex Wiley Coyote @ Drunken Donut

Black Bear Rodeo just put out another badass music video recently. They just keep getting heavier and crazier and I love it. Watch it right here:

Black Bear Rodeo – Blue Pencil

This lighting themselves on fire stuff is equally as wild as their last music vid. Black Bear’s live show is just as fun!

Guerilla has been workin on some new tunes and always puts on a party. Check out their music video for “Bummer” below:

Guerilla -Bummer

Alex Wiley Coyote is coming out to Joliet from Wisconsin on his “Born To Run In The USA Tour”. Check out some of his new music and more tour dates below:

Alex Wiley Coyote – Born To Run In The USA

Alex isn’t always riding solo. He also plays guitar and sings in Wood Chickens. He’s playing couple really cool shows while he’s out. Come give him some love!