Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser

Barren Heir, Long Live The GOAT, Ikaray, & Cloud Cruiser are coming to the Burly early February!

Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser



Chicago’s Barren Heir emerged in 2015 with their debut album Tired Turns. They holster heaviness, ambiance and sludginess to provide a unique post-metal experience.

Their latest release is a split with Cokegoat! Check it out:


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away lived a couple of dudes… Long Live The GOAT released their first music video, Drag, along with their debut EP, A Greeting From The Dark King in late October of 2015. These songs were debuted on a few Chicago radio stations including 93WXRT and 101WKQX. In February of 2016, the boys hit the road on the Southbeast Tour. Long Live The GOAT shared the stage with many great bands including All Them Witches, Telekinetic Yeti, & Howling Giant. In September of 2016 they put out their second EP, Melt. Immediately after, Long Live The GOAT left for tour again going through Canada and the top half of North America.


Ikaray is a four-piece post metal band from Chicago, IL. Their music embodies feelings of misery and political dissatisfaction, while delivering atmospheric melodies and crushing tones. Ikaray released their self-titled EP in 2016, and is set to record their full length record in January, 2019.


Cloud Cruiser is a concept based Desert Rock band from Chicago, IL. Our first installment is titled “I: Capacity” We follow the story of a young man on a quest for flight. Only for a brief time he is illuminated. Returned unfit, he is only a piece of the puzzle that unfolds. The journey is boundless.

This is Cloud Cruiser’s first show! One of their band members, Tim Ramirez’s bday weekend and he’s 33?!  Dayuuuum! Jam Cloud Cruiser’s single “Glow” below:

RSVP to Barren Heir / Long Live The Goat / Ikaray / Cloud Cruiser @ The Burlington on 2.8.19!