Black Bear Rodeo, Guerilla, & Alex Wiley Coyote @ The Drunken Donut

Get your booze n’ free donuts at The Joliet Bakery (AKA The Drunken Donut) this Friday night – Aug. 3rd at 9PM! It’s gonna be a smoking hot show with Guerilla, Black Bear Rodeo, and Alex Wiley Coyote (based out of Wisconsin).

Black Bear Rodeo, Guerilla, Alex Wiley Coyote @ Drunken Donut

Black Bear Rodeo just put out another badass music video recently. They just keep getting heavier and crazier and I love it. Watch it right here:

Black Bear Rodeo – Blue Pencil

This lighting themselves on fire stuff is equally as wild as their last music vid. Black Bear’s live show is just as fun!

Guerilla has been workin on some new tunes and always puts on a party. Check out their music video for “Bummer” below:

Guerilla -Bummer

Alex Wiley Coyote is coming out to Joliet from Wisconsin on his “Born To Run In The USA Tour”. Check out some of his new music and more tour dates below:

Alex Wiley Coyote – Born To Run In The USA

Alex isn’t always riding solo. He also plays guitar and sings in Wood Chickens. He’s playing couple really cool shows while he’s out. Come give him some love!

40oz. Sidekicks / Horrible / Hopeless Otis / Halligan @ Liar’s – 7.19.18

Prep yourself for the punk show at Liar’s Club in Chicago on July 19th with 40oz. Sidekicks, Horrible, Hopeless Otis (from New York City), and Halligan. There’ll be whiskey, there’ll be cocaine, there’ll be blood and sweat, there will be dicks and boobs and brews. But most of all… I’m sure there will be a heated political rant about our current presidential affairs accompanied by a sweet bed of punk rock music. Oh my lord I can’t even handle it!

40oz. Sidekicks / Horrible / Hopeless Otis / Halligan @ Liars

It’s been a minute since 40oz. Sidekicks have played out, but they’re back at it with a new drummer and guitarist. Heard it’s the tightest lineup they’ve had to date! They played a show at the 2040 a month or so ago with the new drummer and that basement was packed! It was a wild show. You wouldn’t believe how alive and well the punk scene was in Chicago if you hadn’t been there to smell it for yourself.

Since then, a second guitarist joined the band and they got a few things lined up. Get psyched with some 40oz. songs right here:

40oz. Sidekicks

Tune in to 88.3 FM on Thursday July 26th to here more 40oz!



Horrible is also on the bill. They got a sludgy spastic sound to their punk. Wait for the Darkness cover on track 2. Thumbs up boys!


Hopeless Otis

Hopeless Otis are coming all the way from New York City! Touring’s hard… buy some of their merch so they can get a couple McDoubles in them. Still Out Here is some angry shit! Stay safe in that pit.



Halligan is ex-members of Ez Kebage, Squared Off, & Herbal Flesh Tea. Good ol’ Chicago punk making great new Chicago punk… Here it for yourself:

MORE tunes on We Are The Television!

Bongripper / Oozing Wound / Rezn / High Priest at the Metro – 7.13.18

Maximum riffage. Maximum volume. With the heaviest lineup I’ve seen at the Metro in a long time. Bongripper / Oozing Wound / Rezn / High Priest in the same room? Hold onto your bongs folks cause the Metro confiscates that shit you dumbos. For real though, this is going to rule.

Bongripper / Oozing Wound / Rezn / High Priest at the Metro


Oozing Wound


High Priest

Get your tickets to Bongripper / Oozing Wound / Rezn / High Priest at the Metro here.

You can watch more music videos and listen to more good music here at We Are The Television or find some new music from our last post.

The Electric Mud hit the Midwest!

The Electric Mud / Long Live The GOAT

Our swampy dudes in The Electric Mud are coming up from Fort Myers, FL to play Chicago at Emporium with Long Live The GOAT on July 12th! It’s gonna be a god dang head banger. These guys can shred and they do it like they’ve been doing it for forever. God bless The Electric Mud. Check it out below.

Marmora and Space Mafia are also on the bill and the show is totally free! RSVP TO THE SHOW AND GET 10 FREE GAME TOKENS. It’s an arcade too so you can drink a Gumballhead while ya dig-dug, or sip an Anti-Hero and play some Contra, all while head banging to some live music! Here, try it out:


After Chicago, The Electric Mud’s heading to Indianapolis to play another stacked show at State Street Pub with Void King, Floodwalker, & Liquid Signal on Friday July 13th. OooOoooh Friday the 13th… fuggin spooky. This show’s brought to you by ToneSmith. If you didn’t know, ToneSmith is Drew Smith of Archarus – the biggest sweetheart of doom and one of the best metal promoters in Indianapolis!

Long Live The GOAT are meeting back up with The Electric Mud in Fort Wayne, IN at The Brass Rail on Saturday July 14th for a show with The Be Colony and Sammy Kay. The Brass Rail is still one of our favorite venues in the midwest. Good beers and bands and the place just proves that rock music ain’t going nowhere! RSVP to The Electric Mud, Long Live The Goat, The Be Colony, Sammy Kaye @ The Brass Rail. If not one of these rad shows, definitely catch The Electric Mud at some point on The Bull Gator Summer Tour. They sure are a sight to see and a joy to hear. Full list of dates below.

New MIMIC single – “Jungle”

Here’s a new Mimic single that rips!

New Mimic single Jungle

Mimic is an artist out of the north suburbs of the Chicago. This week he put out “Jungle”, his first single since Watering Grass in 2017. Mimic produces slow jam trip-hop; trill-pop for the chillwave partiers. His raps are smooth like butter and the beats are ethereal. Don’t see any shows on the horizon for Mimic but I’m sure they’re coming… keep an eye out and ears open.



If that’s not enough for ya, get down on Watering Glass – his last album from 2017 below:

It’s been a scorchure out there. Stay chill and keep your doinks up with We Are The Television.

Invictus, Butchered, and more punks! – 6/20

InvictusButcheredDethwarrant, and Guerilla (band) on June 20th!

Invictus, Butchered, Dethwarrent, & Guerilla @ Beat Kitchen - 6.20.18

A stacked Chicago punk bill at The Beat Kitchen this Wednesday. RSVP to the show & join the party! These bottom dwellers have been in it for the long haul. Their party punk reeks like a dank cheap wine. Refined Chicago shit rock, its a beautiful thing… and only meant for the true Wednesday night show goers. We’ll see ya there.

Buy tickets here –


Do it.


They don’t fucking care.


I gave them my band’s CD, and one of them ate it.


Brutal dudes who will slip a hot dog in you.


WANT MORE TUNES? Stay tuned to We Are The Television!

New Red Francis – Gotta Be Tough

Red Francis have been quiet for a bit… What the fudge. Thank the lord they are back with a new music video for Gotta Be Tough – a single off their upcoming album! When’s it coming out? I don’t know. Are they playing any shows anytime soon? I still don’t know.

Red Francis - Gotta Be Tough Still

Catch Red Francis drinking booze and reppin’ Chicago in the alleys of Logan Square in their new video. Another fantastic piece of work by Oryans Bellt. If you couldn’t tell, the whole vid is a one shot in reverse. Totally different from their last music vid! Check it out right here on We Are The Television.

Red Francis – Gotta Be Tough

Howling Giant / Sombra Oscura / Pure Pilot / Hydro Static Union at Reggie’s – 5.10.18

Nashville’s metal monsters, Howling Giant are coming to Chicago! God damn, if you haven’t heard of them already then you’re not listening. These dudes are on tour right now, and you do not want to miss this stop at Reggie’s. They’ll be playing with Sombra Oscura, Pure Pilot, and Hydro Static Union on Thursday, May 10th.

Howling Giant Chicago

Born out of some space fuzz chamber and dropped down on Nashville, Tennessee, Howling Giant’s form of metal is a unique and eclectic fairy tale trip through the stars. – New Noise Magazine

Howling Giant will also be playing Psycho Las Vegas alongside some crazy acts like High on Fire, Danzig, Monolord, Red Fang, CKY and many more! If all of this shit doesn’t impress you then take a listen to some of their music below.

Howling Giant

Sombra Oscura is the creative brainchild of Chicago musician Gabriel Antonio Rodríguez.

Sombra Oscura

Rising from the bones of “desert rock”, this powerful 3-piece promises to deliver a soul gripping welcome addition to what we know to be stoner rock. Pure Pilot is a heavy & melodic, psychedelic assault on the landscape of the dune…

Pure Pilot

Hydro Static Union is a spectacularly stripped down set of sneakily melodic, yet in your face, Blues Rock and Roll on the fringes of Heavy Psych and Stoner-Rock. Check them out for yourself below.

Hydro Static Union

RSVP to Howling Giant / Sombra Oscura / Pure Pilot / Hydro Static Union at Reggie’s Here

Watch more music video TV online right here on We Are The Television.

Druid / Long Live The Goat / Sun God Ra / Sparky Quano at Livewire – 5.8.18

Hailing from Athens, Ohio, Druid is bringing their fuzzed out Rock n’ Roll to Chicago, IL. They will be playing with Long Live the GOAT, Sun God Ra, and Sparky Quano at Livewire Lounge on Tuesday, May 8th.

druid at livewire


Druid was formed by Kaleb Shaffner, Greg Ornella, Max Schmitz, and Louis Eyerman in Athens, OH in 2014. Over the short time since its formation, they earned a reputation for their intense stage presence, as well as for how loud their shows are. They have released three full length records.  I dropped some of their tunes down below.


Last time Long Live the GOAT played was at Doom brewery Soundgrowler with Telekinetic Yeti. If you missed them there, don’t sleep on this one! Added some GOAT tunes below…

Long Live The GOAT

Cosmic energy distilled into music, Sun God Ra is the sonic weight of the Universe. Check them out for yourself! All hail Ra bitches!

Sun God Ra

RSVP to Druid / Long Live the Goat / Sun God Ra / Sparky Quano at Livewire  here.

Cinco De Drinko 2018 @ Demma’s

Cinco de Drinko is coming man. Don’t drink the water, stick to Tequila. Te queiro el Cuervo puto.

Cinco de Drinko 2018 Bad Bad Meow Rookie Family of Geniuses Safespace

Anthony Perez and Justin Neese play in alllll the good bands and they are throwing another holiday shit show at Demma’s Oak Lawn for Cinco de Mayo 2018! Bad Bad Meow, Rookie, Family of Geniuses, & Safespace on the bill.

Hahah no one’s gonna say it better than the dynamic duo themselves…

You can’t go an hour without hearing someone taco bout it, so don’t be the only juan left in the dark. This Drinko De Mayo come to Demma’s Bar & Grill where there’s mexcellent live music, pool, darts, and $2 drinks. This is nacho ordinary event, these bands rock out with their guac out, so don’t be a pendejo and miss out, eso sería estúpido!

Bad Bad Meow


Family Of Geniuses


RSVP to BadBadMeow / Rookie / FamilyofGeniuses / Safespace @ Demma’s