New Irish Punk for St. Pattys Day!

The Dirty Dezzys are a couple a’ wee Irish lads outta Southside Chicago. They drink, they smoke, and they eat the corn beef & cabbage. They just put out a 2-song Irish Punk ☘️ EP titled “Find Me Wheelchair” – also the name of the first song on the EP, and a music video for “Drunk Since Noon” – the second song off of it, about getting drunk in your room. We’ll all probably be celebrating St. Patricks Day by drinking in our room this year due to this COVID-19… stay safe out there, but most importantly… party on.


The Dirty Dezzys – “Drunk Since Noon”


Aren’t we all a little sick of listening to those dusty Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly tunes? Here’s a couple of fresh ones to blast on St. Pattys day. Download the EP for FREE on The Dirty Dezzy bandcamp page.

The Dirty Dezzys – “Find Me Wheelchair”

The Dirty Dezzys Rainbow Irish Punk

Cashew Toe Jam 2020

Matt G. of False Idols is gonna be back in town and is hosting a show on January 10th, 2020 at the Drunken Donut in Joliet, IL! This’ll be the first of many Cashew Toe Jams! RSVP to the show and jam out to some of the artists below.

Cashew Toe Jam 2020

RSVP to Cashew Toe Jam 2020!

Evan Frazier

Evan will be kicking off the show right at 8:30PM. Couldn’t find any of his tunes online, but he’s very lovely folk. Has murdered, but doesn’t like to brag 🙂


Wally Tusk and the Film Club

The baddest fellas from Chicago. I heard they killed a man and they loved doing it.


False Idols

Playing for the first time with accompaniment. Has also killed a man, but felt iffy about doing it.


Lazy D from Green Jelly

You may have heard of Green Jello. Formed in the early 80s. JELLO got mad and they changed the name to Green Jelly. Fuck the giggle gods. Jelly 4ever!!

Lo Friendo

The cream of the crop, the great bambino! They put the boo in booty shakin!

Krampus III – Kramp For Kylie’s Cause

GUERILLA, The Deadbolts, & MidiJoyful will be at Lucky’s Lounge in Chicago Ridge, IL on December 21st 2019 for Krampus III! Way Bigger and sexier than Krampus II… rocking out and partying in support of Kylie’s Cause / mother frickin Christmas. Music starts at 9pm and good times will be had throughout the night. $10 suggested donation at the door and receive a free drink or donate what you are able.

Krampus III Kylie's Cause

For those of you who are not aware, Kylie Mcelheny is currently kicking cancers tookus. Unfortunately, cancer has filed a lawsuit for assault and battery. So we got together and summoned the dark forces of Krampus to raise funds needed to pay for these charges. In exchange for donations, Krampus has agreed to only eat some of the bad kids this December.




The Deadbolts

The Electric Mud & Long Live The GOAT @ Soundgrowler

The Electric Mud, all the way from Fort Myers, FL are bringing the party all the way up to Tinley Park, IL. Linking up with band bros – Long Live The GOAT – to play a hell of a show at Soundgrowler Brewing, one of our favorite breweries around. The last time these guys lit up a bill together in the Midwest was such a good time. Can’t wait for this!











Look at all these tour dates below! Damn, we love to see this… tours done down right DIY, and the bigger the better. Definitely catch them when they hit your town!

The Electric Mud Tour Soundgrowler

RVSP for Long Live The GOAT / The Electric Mud @ Soundgrowler!

Electric Mud’s latest EP, “Burn The Ships” is more than enough to get pumped to. The stoned and southern fried jams will sooth the soul. Mix that with the rage cage that is Long Live The GOAT and you got yourself a night.

The Electric Mud – “Burn The Ships”




Pretty Damn Cool New Music Videos

Oh boy, so many great new music videos popping up. Illiterate Light’s “Better Than I Used To”, Howling Giant’s “Cybermancer and The Doomsday Express”; just wish I could share them all… Please feel free to share all your new music videos with We Are The Television! Here’s a few of our favorites lately:


Illiterate Light – “Better Than I Used To”

Illiterate Light is blowing up! They just released their debut album on Atlantic Records, have been putting out beautiful music videos for a bunch of songs of it, and just played Lollapalooza. It might seem like they’re popping up out of nowhere, but they have been trucking hard in the DIY touring scene for quite some time now… playing dives and bars all over the U.S. before they had any help from a label. Proves hard work pays off!


Howling Giant – “Cybermancer and the Doomsday Express”

Howling Giant are wizards and knights of their craft. Spinning tales of glory through ripping majestic Psych Rock. Watching them live is a wonder. You can see the magic oozing off their musical weapons of choice. These bards of the new age have been on the up and up and I know we’ll continue to see more great things from them!



Red Francis never fail to blow our minds with their wild music videos. We know they like to party and have more fun than you. Try it out. I heard they were right there with Artie Lange snorting glass except they weren’t pussies about it. The band is currently working on a new album… bigger and better than anything you can imagine.

Sincere Engineer “Dragged Across The Finish Line”

Deanna Belos of Sincere Engineer is the most modest titan in punk rock right now. Making big waves with her first album, getting signed to Red Scare, playing Riot Fest and sharing the stage with some huge acts like Against Me!, The Hold Steady, & Heart Attack Man so early on as a band. The band just made a delicious beer collaboration with Pollyanna called “Fun Dipping”, a Fun Dip inspired sour beer with Cherry Yum-Diddly, Razzapple Magic, Grape Yumptious, and Lactose in a fruity, tart, and sweet beer.


The Cordial Sins – “Cruel”


Lovergurl – “David Baby”

Lollygagger – “Might Methuselah’s Salami”


The Mizzerables – “Whatever… This Sucks”



Fire Cat EP Release Show

Fire Cat EP Release show in Berwyn, IL on Friday, August 30th at The Wire with 40oz. SiDEKiCKS, ModaFoca, Torch The Hive, & TFP!

40oz. SiDEKiCKS, Fire Cat EP Release, ModaFoca, Torch The Hive, & TFP

Hey ya lil chicken fucks. Do you even punk rock? Probably not… but it’s never too late to start. All you little anarchist bitches put on your best tony hawk pro skater outfit and meet us down in Berwyn for the punk rawk show. We ain’t got no place to go, so lets go to the punk rawk show, darling take me by the hand, we’re gonna see a punk rawk band, there’s no use in TV shows, radio, or rodeo, want to get into the crowd, want to hear it played real loud.

Doors @6pm | Show @7pm 18+
$10 Advance | $12 @ door

Fire Cat!


Torch The Hive

No Comprendo

The Freedom Paradox





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NEW Red Francis Music Video – “Logan”

The new Red Francis music video is insane – Logan is the first track on Red Francis’ latest release “Greatest Hits“. The album pays tribute to the band’s hometown, Chicago. Each song represents a different neighborhood or story that takes place over the course of one day and one night.


This specific song – Logan – is about a night out with the boys in Logan Square. Like every great night, it starts with a bottle and turning up. They hit the town for a show and from there on out there are SO many great local bars, bands and venues to be seen (and heard) in it: Coles, Gnar Wave Rangers, The Owl, The Empty Bottle, The Double Door Liquors sign (R.I.P), La Quinta Inn & Suites lol.. If you look hard enough, maybe you’ll find yourself.

This beauty of an animation is yet another piece of amazing artwork done by ORYANS BELLT. Subscribe to We Are The Television’s Youtube page and be the first to see whenever a new video drops!

You can finally stream the whole Red Francis discography on Spotify too!

Red Francis’ next show is going to be at Emporium Wicker Park on Saturday, August 17th with Gazebo Effect, Captain Coopersmith, & The Off Days. Get your tix to the show and I’ll SEE YOU THERE.

Buy tickets to Gazebo Effect / Captain Coopersmith / Red Francis / The Off Days @ Emporium – August 17th, 2019



Villa Park Punk Night XVII

Another Villa Park Punk Night at O’Neill’s Pub in Lombard, IL on June 29th! Full lineup of good bands and a fellow punk’s Birthday… Skidd Fleischer‘s Bday. Buy her a drink, buy me a drink. Let’s party!


Solution Unsatisfactory

A high-speed Chicago style 3-piece fueled by a passion for in-your-face rock and a disgust for the modern order.
The group, at large, is considered to be armed and dangerous, with catchey punk riffs and unrelenting social and political lyrics, and are described as loud and with a bad attitude. Fronted by Garvey’s satirical commentary and shredding guitar, backed by Jay’s insanely fast melodic bass walks and Pat’s explosive assault on the drums, it’s music you can revolt to.

Rhetoric Vendetta

A punk/pop punk band out of the southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois area influenced by a few different styles of music, but like to play an upbeat and energetic style of rock and roll.

40oz. Sidekicks

40oz. Sidekicks are a Hardcore power-punk band from Chicago, Illinois.
Formed in 2004, they have since recorded 2 EP’s that became their first full length album, “Preservation of Tradition”. They play punk music with hints of reggae, ska and blues.
Their latest E.P. “Glory” is available to download on iTunes and stream on Spotify!

Shanghai Theater (Nashville, TN)

Punk band from Nashville, TN. Formed, as a four-piece in the spring of 2018, Shanghai Theater quickly transitioned to a three-piece act and played relentlessly the coming summer. The band moved back to a four-piece formation after their bassist/singer suffered a serious stage injury to his wrist. 

The band has been described as “Surf-N-Turf” due to their blend of west coast surf and mid-west noise.

Dead Freddie

Dead Freddie is a Chicago-area band. They are known as the Punk Pop Phenomena, playing original music based in early punk and power pop.

RSVP TO VP Punk Night XVII + Skidd’s Bday!!


Live Music at Metal Monkey Brewery!

Live music coming up at Metal Monkey Brewery on Saturday June 22nd! Some of the best local metal and heavy rock to see in the area too… Long Live The GOAT, Black Road, and We Killed The Lion.

LIVE Music @ Metal Monkey Brewery : We Killed The Lion / Black Road / Long Live The GOAT

Haven’t had the pleasure of drinking a beer from Metal Monkey yet, so I’m looking forward to getting a flight! Ayala’s Empanadas will also be here serving up food starting at 5pm so get to the Monkey House early enough for some grub. Music starts at 7PM! See all you metal-heads there.

Long Live The GOAT :: 7pm

Black Road :: 8PM

We Killed The Lion :: 9PM

RSVP TO LIVE Music: We Killed The Lion / Black Road / Long Live The GOAT @ METAL MONKEY BREWERY

More great local music news on the reg at We Are The Television!

Up In Smoke! Backyard 420 Chicago Party

Are you looking for that 420 Chicago Party? You found it man.

420 Chicago Party Punk Show

A 420 show on 4.20!
Address will be posted the day before the event [2815 S Karlov Ave, Chicago, IL 60623-4440, United States], it being a 420 show we don’t want it to get any negative attention, but will take in place in the beautiful Little village.


No Comprendo

40oz. Sidekicks

The Anti-Trumpz

Fire Cat

Stoner Whöre

$5 Cover!

420 Friendly of course, BYOB.
First 10 people to come in will get free beer courtesy of the host.
PBR’S $2 or 2 for $3

RSVP for the show and stay updated on all that sweet info right here!