40oz. Sidekicks / Horrible / Hopeless Otis / Halligan @ Liar’s – 7.19.18

Prep yourself for the punk show at Liar’s Club in Chicago on July 19th with 40oz. Sidekicks, Horrible, Hopeless Otis (from New York City), and Halligan. There’ll be whiskey, there’ll be cocaine, there’ll be blood and sweat, there will be dicks and boobs and brews. But most of all… I’m sure there will be a heated political rant about our current presidential affairs accompanied by a sweet bed of punk rock music. Oh my lord I can’t even handle it!

40oz. Sidekicks / Horrible / Hopeless Otis / Halligan @ Liars

It’s been a minute since 40oz. Sidekicks have played out, but they’re back at it with a new drummer and guitarist. Heard it’s the tightest lineup they’ve had to date! They played a show at the 2040 a month or so ago with the new drummer and that basement was packed! It was a wild show. You wouldn’t believe how alive and well the punk scene was in Chicago if you hadn’t been there to smell it for yourself.

Since then, a second guitarist joined the band and they got a few things lined up. Get psyched with some 40oz. songs right here:

40oz. Sidekicks

Tune in to 88.3 FM on Thursday July 26th to here more 40oz!



Horrible is also on the bill. They got a sludgy spastic sound to their punk. Wait for the Darkness cover on track 2. Thumbs up boys!


Hopeless Otis

Hopeless Otis are coming all the way from New York City! Touring’s hard… buy some of their merch so they can get a couple McDoubles in them. Still Out Here is some angry shit! Stay safe in that pit.



Halligan is ex-members of Ez Kebage, Squared Off, & Herbal Flesh Tea. Good ol’ Chicago punk making great new Chicago punk… Here it for yourself:

MORE tunes on We Are The Television!