Rock n’ Roll Puerto Rico Benefit for Orphanage

Tis the time of giving! So help support La Casa de Todos Orphanage in Juncos, Puerto Rico by coming out to a sweet rock n’ roll show this Black Wednesday at Liar’s Club. All The proceeds from the Puerto Rico benefit show are donated to the cause! So let’s save the orphanage with some rock and roll!

Jeremy Scheuch, one of the organizers of this benefit, speaking about the sad state of La Casa de Todos Orphanage:

“Just left an orphanage in Juncos, Puerto Rico and the kids kept jumping in our arms and giving us hugs thinking we were there to potentially adopt them. These are kids that have been removed from their homes because of bad situations. They are running out of money and in danger of closing. Without cash to pay employees they will close. Just to stay open, they had to sell a generator . The government owes them money, but all that has been delayed. Five employees lost their entire homes. They need money. They need serious construction. Part of their roof is gone and they have no electricity or water. The garbage hasn’t been picked up in over two weeks. This one was really tough to see. Please donate: 

Seems like, you can also send checks directly to: La Casa de Todos, Inc. Programa de Donativos HC 23 Box 6128 Juncos, PR 00777-9710″

Also, some fun bands are playing this benefit to save the orphanage too!  White Mystery, VietRahm, and Guerilla, while all chicago natives, will be there. So check out some of their latest music below. Either that or just come to the show dawg.

White Mystery



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New Album! Dirt Tusk – Parasites

Dirt Tusk is two dudes out of Chicago, IL. After putting out a badass creep show of a music video a month ago for “Just Like Me”, we get their full album “Parasites”!

It’s heavy, fast, but DAT GUITAR TONE DOE! Absolutely filthy… bravo gentleman. Check out Parasites by Dirt Tusk below:

DIRT TUSK – Parasites

Catch them live at GMAN Tavern tonight – 10/20/17 – for Long Live The GOAT’s tour kickoff with Blood People, & Bionic Cavemen. Dirt Tusk will be starting the show right at 8:30pm!

RSVP for Blood People / Long Live The GOAT / Bionic Cavemen / Dirt Tusk @ GMAN

Blood People / Long Live The GOAT / Bionic Cavemen / Dirt Tusk - Parasites @ GMAN Tavern - 10.20.17


Peach Pit in Chicago at Subterranean – 10.16.17

Peach Pit in Chicago October 16th!

Peach Pit in Chicago Oct. 16th, 2017

The chewed up bubble gum pop group out of Vancouver, Canada will be gracing our presence at Subterranean this lovely Monday night and sharing the stage Red FrancisJonnycatland.

If you’ve never heard of Peach Pit, there are so many great videos and tunes for you to dig in to. Check them out below!


RSVP to Peach Pit with Red Francis & Jonnycatland at Subterranean now and show up early cause it starts right at 7PM – all ages too!

Peach Pit – Being So Normal

Peach Pit was brought to life in 2016 with the release of their now coveted debut EP, “Sweet F.A” (F.A. meaning “fuck all”, after lead singer Neil Smith’s love for the lazy life). Originating in Vancouver, Canada, the group formed when high school pals, Smith and Chris Vanderkooy, decided to collaborate on a musical project. Peter Wilton and Mikey Pascuzzi joined them on bass and drums creating their “chewed bubblegum pop” sound.

The group melds teenage angst with bummer summer vibes that have them sounding somewhere between Mac Demarco and Homeshake. With their laid back sound and lush lead vocals, their songs tell stories of backstabbing best friends and dying end of summer romances.

The group quickly developed a dedicated local fan base through their energetic live shows. In February 2017, a YouTube channel sent their self-titled track, “Peach Pit” viral after discovering it on their Bandcamp. The group quickly started to amass an international following and booking requests to play worldwide.

Peach Pit’s quirky online posts and campy Ned Flanders-esque uniforms have ignited a highly engaged fanbase. They’re now gearing up to release their debut LP, “Being So Normal”, on legendary indie record label Kingfisher Bluez in September 2017, after which they’ll hit the road, touring the U.S. and Canada including a Bumbershoot festival date, with a European tour in early 2018.

Peach Pit has quickly become the next big indie act to watch out for in the Pacific Northwest.

“Peach Pit display a knack for distilling ennui, angst, and disappointment into wistful, melodic indie pop” ~The Georgia Straight

“A delectably smooth brand of indie pop complete with hushed vocals and Steely Dan-indebted guitar runs.” ~Exclaim!

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Long Live The GOAT Quest To The Fest – New Music and Tour Dates!

Long Live The GOAT releases ‘The Dealer / Boss Man” EP with 2 new heavy fuzzed out tunes along with tour dates to THE FEST!

Long Live The GOAT - The Dealer / Boss Man

The FEST is an independent multiple-day, multiple-venue underground music festival in Gainesville, FL. Against Me, Hot Water Music, Hum, The Lillingtons, The Flatliners, and a shit ton more great bands will be playing this year!

Long Live The GOAT - Quest For The Fest

Quest For The Fest

10/20 – GMan Tavern with Blood People, Bionic Cavemen, and Dirt Tusk – CHICAGO, IL
10/21 – State Street Pub with Archarus and G I LL – INDIANAPOLIS, IN
10/22 – Highlands Tap Room Grill with Planetary Overdrive – LOUISVILLE, KY
10/23 – Springwater Supper Club and Lounge with The Clover Club and Brother Ryan & Co. – NASHVILLE, TN
10/24 – JJ’s Bohemia with TIME and SunSap – CHATTANOOGA, TN
10/25 – Star Bar with Spore Lord, Hot Wives, and Hot Ram – ATLANTA, GA
10/28 – FORT MYERS, FL
11/02 – Poor Boys Bar with Trance Farmers and Druids– NEW ORLEANS, LA
11/03 – Hi Tone with Native Blood and Risky Whispers – MEMPHIS, TN
11/04 – The Sinkhole with MFG and Scuzz – ST LOUIS, MO

Long Live The GOAT – ‘The Dealer / Boss Man’

Torche / REZN / The Evictions at the Empty Bottle – 9.29.17

Torche is coming to the Empty Bottle in Chicago tonight with REZN and The Evictions. God damn lets hope the walls stay up in this play cause shits going to get real heavy. I can’t wait! So I guess I will start the show early with a couple links down here.




The Evictions

Liars Club Riot Fest 2017 Chicago afterparty

LIARPALOOZER fest is here! Riot Fest 2017 Chicago afterparty at Liar’s Club Chicago and the two band bill on Sunday Sept. 17th is dope – Daikaiju & Guerilla!

Riot Fest 2017 Chicago afterparty

Daikaiju & Guerilla at Liars Club Riot Fest 2017 Chicago Afterparty

Be there right after the fest! Get there safe and prepare yourself for the party.

Daikaiju – Cock Lobster

Guerilla – DUMB

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The Evictions New Album!

The Evictions are a fresh band out of Chicago with members from The Last Vegas, Black Actress, & The Lucks. Their front man, Johnny, also makes some kickass guitar pedals at Daredevil pedals. They’re a three piece garage rock outfit with blazing riffs and scream-a-long chorus hooks; seen sharing bills with Cheetah Chrome and the Sonics.

The Evictions Chicago

The guys just put out a new album and it’s loud, fast, & punk. Ehhh I kinda hesitate to call it punk, but it doesn’t really matter what you want to call it… It’s a rager and some good ass rock n roll! It’s got that raunch to it – a growl out of the vocals that reminds me of The Bronx and a pummeling straight forward backbeat that’s similar to The Lillingtons. Check out their self titled below.

The Evictions

If you missed their album release with Giuda, MAMA, & Stickfight at Chop Shop, then give them a follow on their  Facebook page to find out about their next show!

Poster by Casey Sass

Gallivant, Marmora, Long Live the GOAT, Blunt, & Buried in Yellow @ LiveWire – 9/11/17

Gallivant, Marmora, Long Live the GOAT, Blunt, & Buried in Yellow @ LiveWire - 9/11/17

This September 11th, 2017 we’ll be at LiveWire Chicago for a big lineup of some dope bands. Gallivant, Marmora, Long Live the GOAT, Blunt, & Buried in Yellow will be putting one hell of a show!

All the way from Omaha, Nebraska… Gallivant are some good rock and roll dudes coming to Chicago for a good time. I think they’ll feel right at home at LiveWire Lounge. You guys into midget porn? That has nothing to do with Gallivant.. but I have seen it on the LiveWire TV screens before. They also have this sweet little runway on stage if you feel like struttin’ your stuff during the show. Check out Gallivant!

If your not around Chicago, then maybe you can check them out at one of their other stops on tour? See all Gallivant 2017 tour dates below:

Gallivant 2017 tour

There are a shit ton of great Chicagoland locals on this bill. Take a chance to listen to some of these goodies right here.

Marmora – Criterion

Long Live the GOAT – A Greeting From The Dark King

Blunt – Blunt Live

Buried in Yellow

In the midst of all this rock n’ roll… don’t forget that September 11th will always be a day to remember. Take a chance to commemorate all of the victims that died and the heroes that risked their lives to save others that day – 9/11/01.

In a act of true support and love, Amanda of Buried in Yellow will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this show for people to renew their daca.

RSVP to Gallivant/ Marmora/ Long Live the Goat/ Blunt/ Buried in Yellow and stay tuned to We Are The Television for all your dope ass music needs!!

Red Francis, Flying Potion, & Circleface @ The Burlington – 9/8/17

Red Francis / Flying Potion / Circleface @ The Burlington - 9/8/17

Here we go. All the boys are back for a night of shenanigans at The Burlington Chicago. Red Francis, Circleface, and Flying Potion are all gonna be there. Expect some cooter bong rips and some first class fun. No poor people allowed! Tonight’s gonna be a good night, tonight’s gonna be a good good ni-i-ight. HAHA Black Eyed Peas right? Sooo funny.

Check out the Circleface band boys getting footloose! Hang loose Circleface.


A band which began with two cousins who wanted to take a light-hearted, studious approach to the Chicago punk-rock scene. Scrutinizing the standards of song structure, time, and rounding it out with a third family member on drums… Circleface’s only goal is to deliver a nutritional, well-balanced breakfast.


Red Francis is a rock n’ roll band based out of Chicago, IL. Between 2010 to 2012, Red Francis frontman, Michael Glader wrote, recorded, and released 2 albums, What’s Left of my Hands & When on High. Michael was joined by long-time friends Alex Fishback (Drums) and Brett Fishback (Bass) in 2014 to create the band’s self-titled third album. Immediately after the release, they toured the midwest, west coast, as well as the south. Since then the trio has not slowed down.


Flying Potion began in late 2015, shortly after Jac Cornelius moved from Minneapolis to Chicago. Having spent the previous few years learning to play pedal steel in various country bands, he sought to use the instrument in a different setting and sound. The resonance and layering of sounds that is characteristic of the instrument lend themselves well to the psychedelic rock that Flying Potion makes. His brother (and drummer) Joel, filled up the remaining open positions with friends Ross Tasch (bass) and eventually Drew Suarez (guitar). In late 2017, Flying Potion is planning to release their debut full-length album.

RSVP to Red Francis / Flying Potion / Circleface at The Burlington and stay tuned to We Are The Television for all your basic needs!

Dirt Tusk releases new music video – “Just Like Me” – 9.1.17

Dirt Tusk releases a brand new music video for a new song, ” Just Like Me”. Off the upcoming album “Rotten”.

Dirt Tusk

Dirt Tusk is a two-man, heavy as fuck, ripper of a band… musically and in real life because that is exactly what happens in their new video.

“Just Like Me” is stoner rock jammer shot in the style of a slasher film, with good reason… that is what it is! Creepy demon mother fucker taking prisoners, eating them for dinner. Rob Valdez (guitarist of Guerilla and The Hotones) shot and edited this video. Barrett Guzaldo (engineer at Treehouse Records) recorded the song which will be on their upcoming album “Rotten”.

Finally, here it is …

Dirt Tusk – Just Like Me

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