Stream Dead Heavens New Album!

Stream Dead Heavens new album

Dead Heavens hooked us in with their music video for Feel Low a while back. We’ve been craving a full length album ever since, and it’s finally here! Whatever Witch You Are is out now on Dine Alone Records. Stream Dead Heavens new album below.

Dead Heavens – Whatever Witch You Are

If you haven’t seen their music video for Feel Low yet, you’ve got to check that out too! It’s a moto speed race through hell with just the smoothest rock n roll vibes. Get hooked. Buy Whatever Witch You Are out now on Dine Alone Records and catch Dead Heavens when they come to town!

Dead Heavens – Feel Low

Worshipper Tour Chicago @ Reggie’s – 6.15.17

Worshipper Tour Chicago - Long Live The GOAT / Killer Moon

Worshipper tour Chicago! Coming all the way from Boston, MA, they’ll be bringing the darkness to Reggie’s Music Joint. Two jamming locals – Killer Moon & Long Live The GOAT – will be joining them on the bill.

RSVP to Worshipper / Killer Moon / Long Live the Goat @ Reggie’s and take a listen to their tunes below! Worshipper’s latest album Shadow Hymns is out now on Tee Pee Records and can be picked up here.


Long Live The GOAT – MELT
Killer Moon – Nocturne Into Nebula

Worshipper – Darkness

Chicago is just one of the many stops on Worshipper’s 2017 Black Corridor Tour. See all the dates and stops below and follow the band for more details. See ya there!


Worshipper 2017 Tour

Mutoid Man tour Chicago with Helms Alee & Space Blood at Subterranean – 6.9.17

Mutoid Man tour chicago

Mutoid Man tour Chicago and are coming all the way from New York to play Chicago at the Subterranean! Joining them will be Helms Alee & Space Blood!! ADDED BONUS** if you malort… you’ll get some free Space Blood swag! This lineup is amazing, but don’t take my word for it… watch some friggin music videos and see for yourself.

Mutoid Man – “Kiss of Death”


Helms Alee – Live on KEXP


Space Blood – “Cemetery School”

RSVP to Mutoid Man with Helms Alee & Space Blood at Subterranean presented by Sargent House

You can watch more music videos on We Are The Television’s Online Music TV.

Pallbearer at Do Division 2017

Do Division Street Fest hits Chicago every year with a mix of fun and brutal local favorites from the year. This year – Chuck RaganProtomartyr, Lucky Boys Confusion, Muuy Biien – tons of great acts in the lineup! Mainly though, we’re overjoyed to see that Pallbearer is coming back to Chicago to close out Do Division 2017 on Sunday June 4th.


We were lucky enough to catch Pallbearer the last time they were in Chicago at Thalia Hall back in March. The night was a beautiful onslaught of slow ripping doom. I can’t help but think they are going to put on an even better show at Do Division!


Come early and stay late though! The whole fest is always a good time. Perfect chance to catch some up-and-comers from the Midwest and pig out on pizza and brews in the sun. See the flyer below for the full list of Do Division 2017 artists.

Do Division 2017

Do Division 2017

TWO FREE SHOWS! Trash Knife with WAD, Salvation, Peekaboos & Heavy Medz in Chicago

free shows chicago

Two FREE Shows in Chicago tonight (May 22) people! Should be pretty titties with some quality bands. Trash Knife from Philly with be playing both and so will Chicago’s finest, SALVATION, with midwest hardcore group MACE at Logan Arcade. After that show, when you haven’t had enough, you can get to East Room where Trash Knife and Salvation will be joining WAD and HEAVY MEDZ, but you can see all of that on the flyer up top. But what you can’t see is that is THE PEEKABOOs just hopped on the Logan Hardware bill last minute. So many bands to see… so many games to play, like that weird ass japanese table flipping game or KILLER QUEEN! Or you can not go to either show and stare at your computer while playing Bio Menace which I left down for you below.

Free Shows Chicago! RSVP to Trash Knife (Philly) with WAD, Salvation, Peekaboos & Heavy Medz

MACE – Tour Tape
SALVATION – Sore Loser
TRASH KNIFE – 2 from upcoming ST 7″
HEAVY MEDZ – Demo Recordings
THE PEEKABOOS – Help Stop Decay

New Music Video from Red Francis is an Ass-aulting Journey

Flaming Trash Cans, Stretch Limos and Butts — the new Red Francis music video has it all! 

Chicago band Red Francis and Brooklyn visual artist ORYANS BELLT came together to create the ass-tastic masterpeice that is “Fuckin’ Shit”. As a result, the combined effort is a wild party filled with twerking, butt bongos and flying through space.

“We came back from a Southwest tour in the fall of 2016 and wanted to get to work on a new single and video. “Fuckin’ Shit” is about a really cool butt, and the video is a salute to butts no matter the size, color or gender,”  – Michael Glader, lead singer.

Red Francis Music Video

The video for “Fuckin’ Shit” transports the viewer to a grungy city landscape where a bizarre celebration of butts ensues. Butts are stacked in a human pyramid and used as bongos as explosions and comical characters fly by. The final product is a hilarious and mesmerizing experience of being lost in the moment of seeing an earth-shattering ass.

Glader says, “We wanted the video to be as weird as possible, and I think we’ve achieved that. We had so much fun filming our friends dancing in their underwear and I think the energy really shined through.”

Finally, check this beast of an ass vid out for yourself below:

Red Francis – Fuckin’ Shit

First of all, who’s ass is dat? Due to all of this beautiful butt magic.. I got a b0ner. 

REZN / Faces of the Bog / JOB @ Emporium – 4.19.17

REZN / Faces of The Bog / JOB @ Emporium
Flyer manifested by Future Wisdom and Spencer Ouellette

Another awesome FREE SHOW at Emporium Wicker Park in Chicago! Three fuzz drenched doom bands coming together for a heavy night of sludge, drinks and arcade games. RSVP to REZN / Faces of the Bog / JOB on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 and listen to all the bands below:


New Cosmic Doom out of Chicago. Let It Burn is one hell of an ambitious and trippy debut album. If you haven’t been acquainted with REZN, I urge you to get down on this right now:

Faces of the Bog

Acid soaked sludge hailing from Humboldt Park, Chicago. Faces of The Bog’s debut album, “Ego Death” was recorded at Electrical Audio and produced by Sanford Parker.



Instrumental and loud.

FREE SHOW // 21+ // 4.19.17 // Emporium @ 1366 N MILWAUKEE AVE

Emporium is a Barcade. They have a ton of cool arcade games to play while jamming out to the bands and some top notch beer choices on tap. Here’s one of my favorite classic DOS games to play to prep your gaming skills for the show!

Commander Keen 6 – Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter!

MUTTS single release

New MUTTS single release “Tin Foil Hat”! You can get a FREE download of the track on their website and watch the music video for it below.

Mutts Single Release

This is another pro music video done DIY, and the song is fantastic. “Tin Foil Hat” is an anthem for all the skeptics of American Government and how close they’ve become to Orwell’s Big Brother – always watching, always listening. Mutts have made it clear that it’s time to put on our tin foil hats and Make America Gay Again.

They’ll be celebrating the single release with a party at The Burlington Friday April 14th, 2017. Some other kick ass bands will be joining them on the bill including: Brother O’ Brother (Indianapolis) and Post Child. RSVP to the Mutts Single Release Party w/ Brother O’Brother/Post Child!

Mutts – Tin Foil Hat

BUMMER / Pinko / DEN / Ribbonhead @ Burlington Chicago – 4.10.17

Bummer / Pinko Split @ The Burlington Chicago

Bummer and Pinko come through Chicago on Monday April 10th. RSVP to their show at the Burlington right here! The bands just put out a nasty split album that you’re gonna want to check out below.


Rock ‘n’ roll music for the future cavemen of America. They’ll be hitting the road to tour the US with Whores. in May too. I didn’t see any Chicago dates listed there though, so go see Bummer live while ya can!

BUMMER – Birthday Snake


Born through a mutual desire to write bleak angular punk rock and coinciding with finding a new drummer for Sohns, Ethan Campa & Guillermo Mendez started writing the self-titled release for P I N K O. Upon writing part of the record, and considering continuing as a 2 piece, they approached Jared Flores to join the band on bass. P I N K O released their S/T online on June 20th 2016, and on tape soon after thanks to The Ghost Is Clear Records.


BUMMER + P I N K O Tour Dates:
4/6 Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge (Record Release)
4/7 Kansas City, MO – Mills Record Company (Record Release) 
4/8 Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar
4/9 Milwaukee, WI – Quarters
4/10 Chicago, IL – Burlington
4/11 Columbia, MO – Cafe Berlin
4/12 Hot Springs, AR – TBA
4/13 Denton, TX – Lion’s Den
4/14 Austin, TX – Sidewinder
4/15 San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger 


This Is The Way The World Ends Album Release Show!

This Is The Way The World Ends Album Release

This Is The Way The World Ends is releasing their first full length album tomorrow (Saturday 3/24/17) at The Drunken Donut in Joliet, IL. Fuckin party time bitch! The Drunken Donut is our favorite spot in Joliet. Infinitely better than Mojoes… or the Tree… (probably The Forge too, but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t been there yet). The Drunken Donut is a Donut shop by day and a dive/venue by night. Kind of reminds me of what Mojoes used to be before they moved out of the coffee shop in Orland. The Drunken Donut is also known as The Joliet Bakery. They have hosted some packed shows and open mic nights the past few years filled with the tiny filthy youth of Joliet.. still raging to punk and rock n’ roll!

This Is The Way The World Ends is one of the best new bands in the Joliet scene. They kinda got a Bear vs Shark thing going on.. it’s pretty damn loud and badass. Come check it out live and grab the new album while you’re there. Michael Be, Modern Planets, Thrones, & Guerilla are also on the bill so the night is bound to get wild. RSVP to This Is The Way The World Ends’ Album Release Show and check out their music video for “The Well” along with the other bands on the bill below!

This Is The Way The World Ends – The Well

Guerilla – Bummer


Michael Be – Michael Be
Modern Planets – Blood Moon